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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of March 8, 1988 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Vice President George Bush scores heavily on Super Tuesday of this week in a 16 state win.

White House Chief of staff Howard Baker says that “it would take a major event” to prevent George Bush from winning the republican presidential nomination but that President Reagan is not ready to endorse anyone.

Two Black Hawk troop transport helicopters collide at 800 feet and burst into flames during a night training mission over the base of the tragedy-scarred 101st Airborne Division, killing all 17 soldiers aboard.

In Switzerland – Prince Charles narrowly escapes injury when an avalanche hit his skiing party on a Swiss mountain, but the snow slide killed one of his friends and injured another.

Former national security adviser Robert McFarlane pleads guilty to four misdemeanor charges of withholding information from Congress about Reagan Administration efforts to help Nicaragua Contra rebels during a statutory ban on military aid.

Jerusalem - The army imposes a nightly curfew on the Gaza Strip in one of the toughest security measures yet during three months of Palestinian rioting in the occupied territories.

Sen. Bob Dole’s struggling presidential campaign lays off more than half its staff and pulls its advertising from Illinois television stations.

Jack Kemp ends his republican presidential campaign, saying George Bush has won “the Reagan wing of the Republican party” and hints he would welcome the No. 2 spot on the ticket.

Gary Hart ends his on-again-off-again bid for the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination saying, “The people have decided and now I should not go forward.

President Reagan demands that Congress keep his “Star wars” missile defense system alive, arguing that cutting the high-tech program because of domestic budget pressure would be “irresponsible in the extreme.”


Entertainment/Celebrity news – March 8, 1988

Passing – Porno star John C. Holmes – appeared in 1,000 porno movies. He was 43. He had been suffering from AIDS.

Passing  -  Devine – the 300-pound who portrayed outrageous women in sleaze movies such as “Pink Flamingos.” He was 42.


Music news – March 8, 1988

Talking Heads is not breaking up – but it seems its individual members are more involved with solo efforts. Keyboardist Jerry Harrison has an album out called “Casual Gods.” The band will not be touring – despite their brand new album “Naked.”

Andy Gibb Dies

Singer Andy Gibb who rose to fame in the 1970’s in the footsteps of his three older Bee Gees Brothers is dead at the age of 30. He was taken ill with stomach pains and was admitted to a London hospital for observation.

Singer Andy Gibb died naturally of a heart condition; a coroner’s office said after Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb angrily denied reports that his brother’s death was related to drug abuse, despite a past history of cocaine addiction.


Television news – March 8, 1988

The Christian Broadcasting Network has mailed pleas to donors asking for emergency contributions. They say they are close to eliminating many areas of their ministry.

Fox debuts the third revamping of “The Late Show” and will feature comedians Jeff Joseph and John Mulrooney as hosts.

Debuting this week – “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show” on Fox-TV. 

Billy Crystal on “Evening at the Improv.” This week on A&E.

Cher – “A Celebration At Caesars” – this week on A&E.


Thursday night television listings/TV guide – week of March 8, 1988

CBS – 48 Hours, Simon & Simon, Knot’s Landing

NBC – Cosby Show, Different World, Cheers, Night Court, L.A. Law, Best of Carson, David Letterman

ABC – Probe, Hotel, Buck James

Fox – Late Show

PBS – Pledge Week

Disney – Best of Walt Disney Presents. 


Saturday night television listings/TV guide – week of March 8, 1988

CBS – David Copperfield X: The Bermuda Triangle, Tour of Duty, West 57th

NBC – Facts of Life, 227, Golden Girls, Amen, Hunter, Saturday Night’s Main Even XV

ABC – Dolly, OHara, Spenser: For Hire

HBO - Uptown Comedy Express

Showtime – Michael Jackson


Saturday Night Main Event – Hulk Hogan Vs King Harley Race and others.

Michael Jackson – Celebrity interviews, vintage and recent film and video clips.. 


Top movies – March 8, 1988

Good Morning, Vietnam




Three Men and a Baby



School Daze

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