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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of December 15, 1987 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Stock speculator Ivan F. Boesky is sentenced to three years in prison and no fine for masterminding the biggest insider trading scandal in Wall Street History. Boesky also faces a score of civil lawsuits.

Gary Hart, whose presidential ambitions were derailed by a sex scandal earlier this year, re-enters the Democratic presidential race in a stunning turnaround. “Let’s let the people decide,” he said. “This will not be like any campaign you have ever seen, because I am going direct to the people.” Ask if his former relationship with Donna Rice would affect his renewed candidacy, Hart said, “I don’t think so. We’re going to leave it up to the people.” 

Michael K Deaver, a close associate and friend of Ronald Reagan through most his political life, is found guilty of lying under oath when he denied using his influence with the President in his career as a lobbyist. Deaver had served as Reagan’s deputy White House chief of staff.

CIA Director William Webster fires to CIA agents and reprimand 4 others, concluding a month long house cleaning of agency officials tainted by the Iran-Contra scandal.

In Lancaster, Ca a mother who called the “700 Club” to say she killed her 4-year-old son is arrested. Police found the boy’s body stabbed in the bedroom and five drowned dogs in the bathtub. 


Sports news – December 15, 1987

Gayle Sierens, a local Tampa, Fla anchor, is chosen by NBC to become the first woman in broadcasting history to do play-by-play for an NFL game. Sierens will handle play-by-play next week between the KC Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks... Joe Montana is forced out of the first quarter with a pulled hamstring and twisted Knee. Despite it all, San Francisco beat the Chicago Bears 41-0.


Christmas Gifts – December 1987

 For Christmas - Kenner Care Bears - $7.96 each ... Jem’s Car from Hasbro - $14.96


Supermarket prices – December 1987

At the mart - 1/2 gallon of Egg Nog - $1.69 ... Red Yams - .39lb ... 6 inch Poinsettia plants - $4.39.


Entertainment /Celebrity news – December 1987

Mia Farrow gives birth the Woody Allen’s first child. The 9-pound boy is named  Satchel.

Bestselling books include - “The Tommyknockers” - Stephen King, “The Bonfire of the Vanities” - Tom Wolfe, “Family” - Erma Bombeck, “Time Flies” - Bill Cosby.


Television news – December 15, 1987

Barbara Walters Special featured interviews with Eddie Murphy, Sean Connery and Don Johnson


Top television shows/Nielsen ratings – December 15, 1987

TV Ratings - The Cosby Show (30.0), A Different World (27.9), 60 Minutes (23.5), Cheers (23.1), Barbara Walters Special (21.9), Murder She Wrote (21.9), Growing Pains (21.1), The Golden Girls (21.0), Who’s The Boss (20.3), Foxfire (19.3), LA Law (18.9), Dr Seuss Special (17.9), Matlock (17.5), Hunter (17.3), Monday Night Football (17.3), Family Ties (17.3), ALF (17.2), Charlie Brown Christmas (16.9), Sunday NFL Football (16.8).


Wednesday night television listings/programming/TV guide – December 15, 1987

Wednesday Night TV - (CBS) The Oldest Rookie, Candid Camera Christmas, The Equalizer ... (NBC) Family Ties, Valerie’s Family, A Year In The Life, St Elsewhere ...(ABC) A Muppet Family Christmas, Julie Andrews: The Sound Of Music, A Christmas Memory

Candid Camera Christmas - people being themselves during the holidays - Allen Funt hosts.

A Christmas Memory - first broadcast in 1966 - Narrated by Truman Capote.

Paul Simon the singer and Paul Simon the senator make an appearance Saturday Night Live. The pair will spoof their shared name.

NBC cancels two Friday night shows - “Rags to Riches” and Private Eye.”


Music news – December 15, 1987

 Bruce Springsteen makes a surprise appearance at a Madison Square Garden benefit concert, which raised $475 thousand for New York’s homeless.


Top pop hit music singles – December 15, 1987

“Faith” - George Michael, “Heaven Is A Place On Earth” - Belinda Carlisle, “Is This Love” - Whitesmake, “Should’ve Known Better’ - Richard Marx, “Shake Your Love” - Debbie Gibson, “Don’t You Want Me” - Jody Whatley, “We’ll Be Together” - Sting, “Catch Me (I’m Falling)” - Pretty Poison, “Valerie” - Steve Winwood, “The One I Love” – REM


Top country music hit singles – December 15, 1987

Top Country - “Somebody Lied” - Ricky Van Shelton, “The Last One To Know” - Reba McEntire, “Do Ya” - KT Oslin, “I Can’t Get Close Enough” - Exile, “Somewhere Tonight” - Highway 101.


Top movies – December 15, 1987

Throw Mamma From The Train - Danny Devito, Billy Crystal

Three Men and a Baby - Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, Ted Danson

Wall Street - Michael Douglas, Charley Sheen

Planes, Trains & Automobiles - Steve Martin, John Candy

Fatal Attraction - Michael Douglas, Glenn Close

Empire of the Sun - John Malkovich, Miranda Richardson

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