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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of July 23, 1987 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Secretary of State George Shultz testifies that White House aides isolated President Reagan and fed him false information about their plans to swap arms for hostages with Iran. When the arms deal began to unravel last fall, members of the White House clique were relying on Reagan’s ability as a communicator to save them. 

White House officials say that no U.. retaliation against Iran is being considered ‘at this time” for the damage to a U.S.-flagged oil tanker that hit a mine in the Persian Gulf.

President Reagan says that the United States and the Soviet Union have forged a favorable new negotiating climate in Geneva and are moving toward a historic agreement to reduce their nuclear arsenals.

A Soviet court sentences six men to labor camp terms ranging from 20 to 10 years for violating safety rules and neglecting their duty in connection with the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster. 

President Reagan, ending a four-month search, names U.S. District Judge William Sessions, who calls himself a “West Texas tough guy,” as director of the FBI.

 President Reagan tells a group of law enforcement officials that Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork deserves to be confirmed by the senate before the court’s fall term begins in October. “No man in America and few in our history have been as qualified to sit on the Supreme Court as Robert Bork,” declared the President.

President Reagan, afflicted with skin cancer for the third time in tow years, will have more tissue surgically removed from his nose at Bethesda naval Hospital this week.

Road rage climbs - An angry driver shoots a motorist to death during a quarrel and then kills a pedestrian who may have intervened in the ninth traffic related shooting in southern California since mid-June.

President Reagan announces an anti-abortion initiative to withhold federal funds from or otherwise restrict health care programs that advise pregnant women that abortion is an option.

Donald Regan, President Reagan’s chief of staff for two years, testifies that the President looked so surprised when told of the secret diversion of money to Nicaraguan rebels that he deserved an Academy Award if he was acting.

The U.S. Navy has found another underwater mine in the Persian Gulf about 14 miles north of the one that blew a 10-by-30 foot hole in the hull of the supertanker Bridgetown.

French explorers bring back the first objects ever recovered from the wreckage of the Titanic, dishes scattered on the ocean floor when the luxury liner sank 75 years ago. The min-submarine Nautile plunged 2 ½ miles to retrieve the objects.

The site is in an area 350 miles off the coast of Newfoundland.

The Dow climbs 25.83 points to close at a record 2519.77.

Book - Look for “The Making of McPaper: The Inside Story of USA Today” by Peter Prichard, managing editor for cover stories at USA Today. 

Princess Diana, miffed over reports she embarrassed the royal family by downing too much champagne, disregarded tradition and announce at a luncheon “I have not been drinking.” “Contrary to recent reports in some of our more sensational Sunday newspapers, I have not been drinking. And I am not, I assure you, about to become an alcoholic.”

More Diana – Britain’s future queen, the Princess of Wales, was awarded the Freedom of the City of London – granting her the right to herd sheep across London Bridge and be hanged with a silken rope. About becoming a Shepard, Lady Diana said – “I promise I will give good warning before I avail myself of this privilege.”

Cockroaches driven into a frenzy by a heat wave gripping Manhattan, swarmed through a city bus at rush hour, forcing the driver to pull-over and let disgusted passengers off near Times Square. One passenger said she didn’t become alarmed until the bugs began crawling up another rider’s neck. Then, she saw the bugs everywhere.


Business news – July 23, 1987

Update – In May, “USA Today” reported its first profit – finally – of about $1 million. Gannett expects the paper to be “modestly unprofitable” through the summer, but to have a stronger second half. The paper launched in 1982.


Technology News – July 23, 1987

No more electronics from General Electric. The oldest name in American consumer electronics is saying goodbye. The company says it will sell its $3 billion-a-year consumer electronics business, which includes the RCA division, to Thomson S.A. in return for its medical equipment business with cash. That leaves Zenith Electronics (Of Illinois) as the only American-owned company in the television manufacturing industry. GE, which had total revenue of $37 billion in 1986, did not consider the category one of its strategic businesses. The company will emerge as one of the leaders in the medical equipment industry. Thomson has a strong position in Europe, but as of now, has not been in the U.S. market.


Entertainment news – July 23, 1987

Ally Sheedy has a new movie – “Maid To Order.” Right after ‘War Games,’ I remember saying flat out that I want to work very hard and make enough money in the next couple of years so that I can afford to wait for a good project and not have to work in what I consider to be junk. And that’s what happened. I worked continually, one thing after another, and I saved my money. I didn’t spend it. And not I have it,” said the actress. 


Sports news – July 23, 1987

Former Chicago Cub Billy Williams is inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

George Steinbrenner isn’t happy. The Yankees just lost their fourth straight. “If they don’t start playing with intensity, and the errors don’t stop, they’ll hear from me,” said the Yankee owner.


Radio news – July 23, 1987

The FCC silences a shipboard pirate radio station operating off of Long Island on 103.1 on the FM dial. It was called Radio New York International.


Music news – July 23, 1987

Madonna – “Who’s that Girl” World Tour 1987 -  Soldier Field. Tickets $22.50. Gates open at 5:30pm. No cans. Bottles. Coolers. Containers. Cameras or Recorders.

British consumer products group Thorn EMI announces that it will buy the Rent-A-Center. Electronic goods chain for $594 million in a move to expand its presence in the United States. Rent-A-Center owns 270 shops and 168 franchises in 38 states.

Moscow - Billy Joel opens a six-concert tour of the Soviet Union with a raucous show before 20,000 Soviet rock fans that ended with the unbelievable militiamen being unable to restrain an audience that rushed to the state.

The Beatles file a $15 million suit against the Nike athletic shoe company for using an original recording of the song “Revolution” in a commercial, saying the group does not “endorse or peddle sneakers or panty hose.” The rights to the song actually are owned by singer Michael Jackson but the suit claims that Nike used an original recording of the song.


Television news – July 23, 1987

Valerie Harper walks off the set of “Valerie” and the problem is pay demands.

Passing – Jack Lescoulie – first anchor for NBC’s “Today” show. He was 75.

Full circle – Max Headroom is back – on cable, where he started in the U.S. He made is debut here in April 1985 on Cinemax in “The Max Headroom Story.” Then it was on to ABC-TV. This week, catch Max back on Cinemax with “The Original Max Talking Headroom Show.”


Friday night television listings/TV guide – July 23, 1987

CBS – Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes All-Star 50th Anniversary, American Film Institute salute to Fred Astaire, In Person From The Palace

NBC – Stingray, Miami Vice, Crime Story, Tonight Show, David Letterman, Friday Night Videos

ABC – Sledge Hammer, Mr. Belvedere, Movie, Nightline, Aids Connection

PBS – Washington Week, Wall St. Week

HBO – Movie – Weird Science.

TNN – Nashville Now, Crook & Chase, Video Country


Salute to Fred Astaire – David Niven hosts.

In Person From The Palace – Roger Daltrey, Smokey Robinson and ABC perform. 

Late Night With David Letterman – Comedians Brother Theodore and Fred Willard and musician Andy Summers.


Top movies – July 23, 1987

Jaws-The Revenge

Full Metal jacket

Summer School


Adventures in Babysitting

Revenge of the Nerds

The Predator


 Witches of Eastwick


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