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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of March 22, 1986 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

U.S Navy jets fire on a Libyan patrol boat and missile site in retaliation for an attack on American planes during the Navy’s Gulf of Sidra exercises.

Reagan Administration officials say the U.S. Navy’s presence into the Gulf of Sidra was intended to draw Libyan leader Moammar Kadafi into an exchange of fire with U.S. forces.

 U.S. warplanes and ships clash with Libyan patrol vessels in the disputed Golf of Sidra and attack a coastal missile base.  Separately, Col. Moammar Kadafi vows “if the United States wants to expand the struggle, we will carry it all over the world.” “We are fighting for our houses and our homes.”

The Republican-controlled Senate narrowly approves President Reagan’s request for $100 million in aid to the Nicaraguan guerrillas.

Judith Richardson Halmes who blamed a CAT scan for loss of her psychic powers, is awarded more than $1 million by a jury in Philadelphia. But Temple University Hospital says it will appeal.

In a White House hallway, President Reagan chatted to Katya Lecheva (11), the Soviet schoolgirl touring the U.S. on a mission of peace. They chatted, then he have her a smile and a handshake. 

The battle over the right to navigate freely in Libya’s Gulf of Sidra ends with a Defense Department announcement of a halt to ship and flight operations in and over the disputed waters. Apparently Kadafi made a decision not to commit any of his military forces against the fleet. President Regan sent the 6th fleet a “well done” message. Since 1981, the United States has conducted 19 exercises in the area, eight of them “below” Kadafi’s “line of death’ across the mouth of the disputed gulf.

A car loaded with TNT explodes outside an office of President Amin Gemayel’s Falangist party in Christian East Beirut, killing at least eight people and wounding 80.


Business news – March 22, 1986

Maytag Co. reaches an agreement to acquire Magic Chef, another producer of home appliances for an exchange of stock valued at $756.2 million. 


Radio news – March 22, 1986

AOR KMET Los Angeles, which is down to a 2.9 lets go dj’s Jeff Gonzer, Ace Young, Billy Juggs and Dusty Street. Competitor KROQ is up to a 4.4.  KMET use to be the first and last word in album rock radio.

More bad news for KMET-FM as its owners Metromedia say they will sell it and eight other radio stations and the Texas State Networks, for $285 million. That includes WNEW-AM/FM and WIP-AM/WMMR-FM in Philadelphia.


Entertainment/Celebrity/Movie news – March 22, 1986

Academy Awards 

Best picture – “Out of Africa.”

Best actor – William Hurt – “Kiss of the Spider Woman.”

 Best actress – Geraldine Page – “The Trip to Bountiful.”

Best supporting actor – Don Ameche – “Cocoon.”

Best supporting actress – Anjelica Huston – “Prizzi’s Honor.’

Best director – Sydney Pollack – “Out of Africa.”

Best original song – “Say You, Say Me” – Lionel Richie - “White Nights.”

Sports news – March 22, 1986

NBC and the Seoul Olympic Organizing Committee sign a 4300-million contract for exclusive U.S. television rights to the 1988 Summer Olympics


Medical news – March 22, 1986

AIDS update. For the first time, scientists can genetically kill the AIDS virus. How? By removing a key gene from the HTLV-III virus in the lab.


Ted Turner completes his stock purchase of MGM/UA.

Music news – March 22, 1986

Madonna has a new single out – “Live to Tell” and the video is already getting airplay. She’s everywhere – on all video shows and video channels. Just amazing.

Look for Tom Waits’ new album “Rain Dogs.”

On Saturday Night Live (4rd Saturday into Easter) – a repeat with musical guest Sade. Hosted by Tom Hanks. 


Television news – March 22, 1986

Country great Tammy Wynette will make her acting debut in the CBS soap “Capitol.” She’ll portray Darlene Stenkowski, the barmaid in Corky’s Club, where she meets a romantic interest (played by Rory Calhoun). 

On Saturday Night Live (3rd Saturday of month) – George Wendt hosts with musical guest Philip Glass.

After just two months on the air - The Christian Broadcasting Network announces its “CBN News Tonight” will be canceled.


Sunday night television listings/TV guide – week of March 22, 1986

CBS – 60 Minutes, Movie

NBC – Punky Brewster Amazing Stories, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Miami Vice (2 hours)

ABC – Disney Movie, Movie

PBS – Nature, Masterpiece Theatre

MTV – JJ Jackson plays video music


NBC shows “Alfred Hitchcock” and “Miami Vice” are in stereo.

ABC Movie – “Firefox” starring Clint Eastwood.


Wednesday night television listings/programming/TV guide –March 22, 1986

CBS – Fast Times, It’s the Easter Beatle Charlie Brown, Movie

NBC – Highway to Heaven, Blacke’s Magic, Tonight, David Letterman

ABC – MacGyver, Dynasty, Hotel, Nightline, Eye on LA

PBS – Live From The Met

HBO – Whoopi Goldberg Direct From Broadway

MTV – Mister Mister Concert


On the Tonight Show –  Doug Henning and comedian Jackie Mason join Johnny Carson.


Top movies – March 22, 1986

The Money

Pretty In Pink

The Color Purple

April Fools

Out of Africa

Down and Out in Beverly Hills

Just Between Friends

The Official Story

Murphy’s Romance

Runaway Train

Trouble In Mind

Angry Harvest

Care Bears

Police Academy III


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