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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of March 15, 1986 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney visits President Reagan at the White House. And it looks like the President will endorse a five-year $5 billion research program sought by Canada to reduce acid rain.

It’s reported that President Reagan’s proposal for aid to Nicaraguan rebels has strong popular support in Central America and the understanding of political leaders there. 

President Regan’s policy in Central America suffers a setback as the House narrowly defeats his request for $100 million in aid to the Nicaraguan rebels.

The manufacturer of three major drug products – Contac, Dietac and Teldrin – ask retailers to remove the capsules form shelves after “several” discoveries of tampering in Texas and Florida.

South Africa - Tens of thousands attending an anti-apartheid memorial ceremony in a black township in Cape Province, and a strike brought Port Elizabeth to a near standstill as blacks remembered their dead.

An Air Force C-9 carrying Nancy Reagan slipped into some mud as it prepared to taxi down a runway in Atlanta, but the First Lady and the other passengers were not injured.

It’s reported that gold worth more $75 million reportedly disappeared form the inventories of the Philippine national treasury in the seven years after President Ferdinand e. Marcos took direct control of the processing and distribution of gold mined in the Philippines.

Deputy White House press secretary Larry Speakes warns television technicians not to use their “fishing pole” microphone extensions in the Oval Office anymore or face being barred from picture-taking sessions. The fishing poles – microphone-tipped booms that can be extended over and beyond reporters and photographers – can pick up the remarks the President or his visitor are making that are not generally audible. The President has had his problems with off-the-cuff remarks that have been relayed by microphones that he was not aware of.

The government announces design changes in U.S. currency aimed at thwarting counterfeiters, the first substantial modifications in the nation’s currency in more than half a century. The changes are coming just in time. Government officials say a new generation of copying machines, capable of producing high quality color reproductions, already is beginning to show-up in offices. The first new notes will enter circulation in 15 to 18 months. 

The United States suffered a record $1777.7-billion deficit in the broadest measure of its foreign trade last year, as the country became a net debtor for the first time in 71 years. Up until 1982, the country enjoyed a surplus in the current account because American investment earnings overseas were enough to cover deficits in merchandise trade.

The British Royal Family says that Prince Andrew will marry a childhood friend with red hair and freckles called “Fergie.” Andrew said they have known each other since they were 4 or 5, “but we only really noticed each other fairly recently.”


Sports news – March 15, 1986

15-year career -  Lyle Alzado announces his retirement from the NFL. The Raiders’ All-Pro defensive said –“I’m not the player I once was and I’d just as soon go out now before I try to do things that I can’t do anymore.” He will concentrate on his acting career. Alzado will be 37 in a few weeks.

Let the Goodwill Games begin – Scheduled for July 5-20 in the Soviet Union, Goodwill Games I is expected to involve more than 3,500 athletes from 50 nations in 18 sports. It’s all Ted Turner’s baby. While watching the 1984 Olympics from LA on TV, Turner was struck with the inspiration that he could create summer games that would be better than the Summer Olympics. Turner’s WTBS and a network of independent TV stations will televise 120 hours of Goodwill Games competition. 


Music news – March 15, 1986

Yoko Ono and her band perform to 15,000 in Budapest, Hungary. Among other songs, she sang “Give Peace A Chance” and “Imagine.”


Religious TV News – March 15, 1986

Jerry Falwell begins a TV talkshow tour to promote his book, “If I Should Die Before I Wake,” which advocates replacing the 1.5 million abortions (U.S. figures) each year with 1.5 million adoptions.


Saturday night television listings/programming/TV guide – March 15, 1986

CBS –Airwolf, Movie

NBC – Gimme a Break, facts of Life, Golden Girls, 227, Remington Steel, Saturday Night Live

ABC – Redd Fox Show, Benson, Fortune Dane, The Love Boat

MTV – The Scorpions in concert


SNL – Griffin Dunne hosts and also appearing: Roseanne Cash, Penn & Teller.


Top movies – March 15, 1986

Down and out in Beverly Hills

Naked cage


Knights of the City

Delta Force


Hannah And Her Sisters

The Color Purple


Pretty In Pink

Murphy’s Romance

Kiss of the Spiderwoman


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