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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of September 8, 1981 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

The government approves the merger of three New York, Florida and California savings and loan associations into the nation’s largest federally chartered savings and loan. The merger combines West Side Federal Savings & Loan of New York and  Washington Savings and Loan Assn into Citizens Savings & Loan of San Francisco. 

An explosion at a utility transformer knocks out power to a major part of lower Manhattan, forcing the New York Stock exchange to close 30 minutes early and trapping workers in elevators.

 President Reagan orders $13 billion in planned military spending cuts over the next three years the first round of budget cutbacks aimed at a balanced budget by 1984.

President Reagan hopes to “send a message to Wall Street’ by announcing another budget slash to his Cabinet early next week. He flew to Camp David for the weekend, taking along some of the budget material he has gathered to help him decide how to achieve $74 billion in federal cuts in 1983 and 1984. 

President Reagan invites 27 senators to the White House in what appeared to be the opening of a lobbying campaign to win congressional approval for his proposed arms sale to Saudi Arabia.

Sandra Day O’Connor, in the second round of senate committee questioning on her Supreme Court nomination, said she personally opposes mandatory school busing and favors the death penalty.

Elizabeth Ward, Miss Arkansas, wins the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City.

Passing – Roy Wilkins – led the civil rights movement to its great legislative victories in the 1950’s and 1960’s. He was 80. 

Former Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace announces his “recent marriage” to the 33-year-old daughter of a wealthy coal mine operator – Lisa Taylor.


Technology news – September 8, 1981

A Chevrolet Chevette diesel becomes the first American-made car to reach 40 miles per gallon in government fuel economy ratings. Once again, The Volkswagen rabbit diesel at 45 miles per gallon was the top-rated car. The Honda Civic was the highest ranked gas-powered car.


Sports news – September 8, 1981

Martina Navartilova best Chris Evert Lloyd in the semifinals of the U.S. Open.

Cesar Cedeno of the Houston Astros is suspended indefinitely by the National league for going into the stands in Atlanta to confront a spectator who Cedeno said called him a killer.

Monday night football – The Dolphins beat the Steelers 30-13.

Dodger third baseman Ron Cey is hit on the left forearm by a pitch and will be out for the rest of the season.


Music news – September 8, 1981

San Bernardino (CA) - The Swing Auditorium, the first place the Rolling Stones played in the U.S. (1964) is gutted by fire after a twin-engine light plane plunged through the roof. The pilot and at least one passenger are confirmed dead. The plane struck the auditorium late afternoon, exploded on impact and touched off a fire that burned out of control for about an hour.


Television news – September 8, 1981

David Brinkley says he’s leaving NBC after 38 years because the network picked Tom Brokaw and Roger Mudd to co-anchor the “Nightly News” instead of him.

ABC orders four episodes of “9 to 5” based on last year’s hit movie. The lead part goes to Rita Moreno Rachel Parton Dennison will play the boss’ secretary – the role her older sister Dolly, portrayed in the movie. Jane Fonda, who co-starred in the film, is an executive producer.  

ABC reporter Chris Harper is expelled from Egypt after President Anwar Sadat castigated the Western press for allegedly misreporting the opposition to his rule. 

Gannett Co says it will provide public television stations across the United States with news and weather features beginning in October. The news service, called “America Today,” will provide news and weather features several times a week that PBS stations may use as needed. Each segment will last 3 ½ to 4 ½ minutes and cover business and economic news, medical developments, investigative reports and human interest stories.

First Made-For-Cable TV movie is about to be made – “The Terry Fox Story” about the 22-year-old handicapped long distance runner who died after attempting to run the breadth of Canada. Cost of the film - $2 million. HBO will debut the movie next spring. It’s the first of a string of new movies for HBO.

On ABC’s “Fridays” this week – Andy Kaufman with the new Sir Douglas Quintet. 

Debuting in syndication this week, “Entertainment Tonight:” with co-hosts Tom Hallick, Marjore Wallace and Ron Hendren. They will take you inside the world of entertainment. Each evening you’ll learn the latest from the newest movies, TV shows, theatre and music world. This week – come to know Burt Reynolds, Bo Derek, Larry Hagman and Faye Dunaway.

Emmy Awards - week of September 8, 1981

Best drama series –“Hill Street Blues

Best comedy series – “Taxi.”

Best actor drama – Daniel J. Travanti – “Hill St. Blues.”

 Best actress drama – Barbara Babcock – “Hill St. Blues.’

Supporting actor drama – Michael Conrad – “Hill St. Blues

Supporting actress drama – Nancy Marchand – “”Lou Grant.”

Best actor comedy -  Judd Hirsch – “Taxi.”

Best actress comedy – Isabel Sanford – “The Jeffersons.”

Supporting actor comedy – Danny de Vito – “Taxi.”

Supporting actress comedy – Eileen Brennan – “Private Benjamin.”

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