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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of April 23, 1981 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

President Reagan says he is lifting the grain embargo against the Soviet Union.

White House Press secretary James Brady, wounded in last month’s assassination attempt on President Reagan, undergoes 5 ½ hours of non-urgent surgery to close an air leak between his sinuses and his damaged brain.

President Reagan, preparing for his first major public appearance since he was shot, returned to the White House to polish the speech he will deliver to a joint session of Congress. He appeared to favor his left side as he walked toward the helicopter at Camp David. Earlier, he told reporters he is still suffering pain from his gunshot wound and although the episode seems unreal to this day, he wonders, too, “why this didn’t happen 27 times before.’ He disclosed his first thought when he heard the gunfire was “to take a look…. But the secret service man behind me had a different idea.” He was hurled in the limousine and knew he was injured, but wasn’t sure if it was by gunfire. “When I sat up on the seat, the pain wouldn’t go away and suddenly, I found I was coughing up blood.”   

A bomb explodes in a bobby-trapped truck in West Belfast, killing a policeman and wounding three others.

A judge rules that Spiro T. Agnew violated his public trust by accepting bribes as governor of Maryland and vice president of the United States and must repay the state $248,735.

The Empire State Building turns 50 years old (May 1). Mayor Ed Koch has proclaimed next week “Empire State Building Week.”

Rep. Raymond Lederer (D-Pa.) the only member snared in the FBI’s Abscam investigation to win re-election will resign effective May 5.

The annual rate of inflation drops to 7.5% in March.

Former President Jimmy Carter expects to finish his memoirs in a year, plans to visit China next fall and says he and his wife have spent “the best three months of our lives” I retirement. “But I’m finding that more and more difficult,” he told a reporter.

Lady Diana Spencer’s family left their 100-room mansion for a secret hideaway, saying they had to escape the picture-taking crowds that have besieged them since their daughter’s engagement to Prince Charles was announced. “I have never been quite so unhappy in my life,” said Countess Spencer, stepmother to 19-year-old Lady Diana. 

The nation’s economy grows a strong annual rate 6.5% during the first quarter of this year.

Weds – Maureen Reagan and Dennis Revell in Beverly Hills. It’s the third marriage for the President’s daughter who is 40. Revell (28) is law clerk. Brother Michael Reagan attended the wedding – the only Reagan to attend.  

Abbie Hoffman, the 1960’s protest movement leader who spent six years underground before his surrender last year to face drug charges, is on a hunger strike in sympathy with jailed IRA guerrilla Bobby Sands, who is reported near death after 54 days of no food. 


Passing – John A Roosevelt, son of the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was 65. 


Fascinating Business news – Pepsi

New – Pepsi “Light.” One Calorie. 


Medical /Health /Cancer Update news – April 23, 1981

The first government-controlled human tests of the purported cancer treatment drug Laetrile show that it has not produced any substantial benefit, so say scientists.


Sports news – April 23, 1981

Near Dallas - Boston Red Sox outfielders Carl Yastrzemski and Dwight Evans were unscathed in a bloody three-car accident that killed three people and virtually destroyed their taxi. 

Baltimore pitcher Dennis Martinez is hit on the head by a beer bottle thrown from the stands as he stood in the Orioles dugout in a game at Comiskey Park in Chicago. A fan was caught and charged with the incident.


Music news – April 23, 1981

 In London - Ringo Starr marries New York-born actress and model Barbara Bach to the cheers of fans. They were married at London’s Marylebone Registry Office. Also attending – Paul McCartney and wife Linda, Ringo’s mother, Elsie and stepfather, Harry Gray. Ringo and Barbara met when both were appearing in the movie “Caveman.” They have been constant companions for two years. She was actually in the crowd back in 1965 when the Beatles appeared at Shea Stadium.


Music Television Specials – April 23, 1981

Music Television – The 16th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards. Co-hosts Don Meredith, Tammy Wynette and Larry Gatline. Presenters include: Ckaulde Akins, Susan Anton, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Loretta Lynn, Barbara Mandrell, Victoria Principal, John Schneider, David Soul, Conway Twitty, Dottie West, Sissy Spacek, Jim Stafford, Bellamy Brothers and more.

Johnny Cash and the Country Girls – With Johnny Cash, June carter Cash, Roseanne Cash, Misty Rowe. Special Guest: Emmylou Harris and Minnie Pearl. On CBS-TV.

On NBC-TV – 100 Years of America’s Poplar Music – 2-hour special! With George Burns, Eydie Gorme, Steve Lawrence, Sarah Vaughan, Henry Mancini, Gregory Hines. Featuring the new American Orchestra.


Television news – April 23, 1981

Producers of “Dallas” are wondering what to do after the death of star Jim Davis, who portrayed Jock Ewing in the CBS drama.

ABC cancels “Soap” and “Vegas” among others. News shows to be added include “The Fall Guy” starring Lee Majors and “Code Red” starring Lorne Green as a Los Angeles fireman.

 On Saturday Night Live – Strother Martin is guest host with musical guests “The Specials."


Monday night television listings/programs/TV Guide – April 23, 1981

CBS – Private Benjamin, The Two of Us, MASH, House Calls, Lou Grant

NBC – Little House on the Prairie, Armstrong Circle Theater Presents (see ad), Tonight, Tomorrow

ABC – That’s Incredible, The American Dream, ABC News Closeup, Nightline

PBS – Great Performances, Here To make Music


On That’s Incredible – A victim of spontaneous combustion relives his experience.

The American Dream (debut) – A family moves to an inner-city neighborhood. Stars Stephen Macht and Karen Carlson.


Top movies – April 23, 1981

Tell Me A Riddle

Modern Romance


Elephant Man From Yesterday Thief

Nine to Five


Stir Crazy

Beyond The Reef

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