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Dateline: Events/Headlines - Week of March 22, 1981 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

The Supreme Court rules that state statutory rape laws do not discriminate against men.


Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher promises to make a statement to Parliament about a newspaper story saying a former head of Britain’s counter-espionage service may have been a soviet agent for 30 years. The report by the London Daily Mail, says Sir Roger Hollis, head of Britain’s MI-5 counterespionage service from 1956 to 1965, “is feared” to have been an agent of the Soviet KGB secret service.

President Reagan gets his first budget victory as the Senate votes to cancel the April 1 increase in federal price supports for dairy products. 

Reagan Policy Reversal - President Reagan announces to an appreciative crowd of reporters and press officers that he plans to cancel the lottery by which questioners were picked for his second news conference.

Secretary of State Alexander M. Haig Jr. says there is “a very dangerous very bad” split in Poland’s Communist party and the coming weekend “cold be critical” in determining whether there can be a peaceful outcome to Poland’s internal problems.

Trouble in Poland as strikers shut down transportation, businesses, factories, bringing the country to the brink of political chaos.

A five-story riverfront condo collapses as workers poured the final section of heavy, wet cement atop the roof. At least 10 workmen are killed.

Queen Elizabeth II gives her formal consent to the July 29 marriage of her eldest son, Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer.

President Reagan’s daughter, Maureen, comes to Washington for three days but she didn’t stay at the White House and won’t see her father this time. She was in town to give a speech and said she never considered staying at the White House. “It never even came up. I had business meetings and it’s easier to get in and out of a hotel than in and out of the White House.

Inflation up as the Labor department reports a 1% rise for the month or over 12% annual rate. 

President Reagan Is Shot

Bulletin – Outside the Washington Hilton - President Reagan is shot by a gunman and undergoes immediate surgery for removal of a bullet that lodged in his left lung. His condition is good and his life is in no danger.  It’s not as good for White House Press Secretary James Brady, as a bullet entered his brain. Also shot – Secret Service agent Tim McCarthy and a District of Columbia policeman, Thomas Delahanty. John Warnock Hinckley Jr. (25) of Colorado was arrested at the scene.

 Hinckley was arrested in Nashville last October carrying three handguns on the same day that then President Jimmy Carter visited that city. 

Vice President George Bush rushes back to Washington from Texas. But, Alexander Haig – Secretary of State said in the mean time of power – “As of now, I am in control, here in the White House, pending the return of the vice president and I am in close tough with him.”

Scott Hinckley, the brother of John W. Hinckley Jr., the man accused of shooting President Reagan, was to have been a dinner guest this week at the home of Vice President George Bush’s son, Neil – The Houston Post reports. Neil Bush, who lives in Denver, said his family knew the Hinckley family because they had made large contributions to the Vice President’s campaign. Scott Hinckley is vice president of his father’s Denver-based oil firm, Vanderbilt Energy Corp. 

James Brady - After 4 ½ hours of surgery, doctors are more optimistic and they upgraded his chances of survival markedly. 


 Technology news – March 22, 1981

It took $150 million to develop and RCA this week kick-off a major advertising launch for its “Selecta Vision” videodisc player. Its $20-million advertising campaign was launched with commercials running on all three networks. RCA is late on getting in the videodisk game. Magnavox has already launched their version, but some estimates say that they’ve sold about 35,000 players.  Pioneer has one out too. All three are incompatible systems. RCA says its advertising plans are ambitions and that its $20-million advertising commitment is more than Magnavox spends in a year on its entire line of products. The RCA players sell for $500.    


Entertainment/Celebrity news – March 22, 1981

Carol Burnett wins a $1.6 million libel judgment from the National Enquirer for a 1976 story that she claimed made her appear drunk.


Music news - March 22, 1981

New disco in New York as “Starbucks” opens.

She’s up for grabs. After 15 years with Motown, Diana Ross is negotiating with other record companies. It’s no secret that Neil Bogart, over at Boardwalk Entertainment wants her. Also, David Bowie is shopping for a new label and has already had talks with David Geffen. 


Television news – March 22, 1981

Dick Ebersol who now produces “Saturday Night Live” says the show got off on the wrong foot this season by billing the newcomers as “The New Generation.” While he won’t revamp the show, he’ll return it to tradition. “Weekend Update” will be restored to its 12 O’clock midnight time slot. “It gives the show a second start of a half hour in.,” said Ebersol, who says he’s also bringing back the original theme music. 

Pat Boone hosts the 10th Anniversary Easter Seal Telethon this weekend. Appearing – Erik Estrada, Bee Gees, Fleetwood Mac, Olivia Newton-John and others.

WRGB-TV (Channel 6) Schenectady/Albany NY – a longtime NBC station, is shifting from the #3 network to the #1 network – CBS.

Tammy Wynette’s “Stand By Your Man” – a TV movie -  will air on CBS this week. Annette O’Toole stars. 

 On “Fridays” this week – a repeat with George Carlin and musical guests George Thorogood & The destroyers.

On the “Midnight Special” this week – Skip Stephenson, Byron Allen co-host. Guests include Robert Urich, Phyllis Davis, Bart Braverman, Cathy Moriarty, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Yarbrough & Peoples. 

On ABC-TV – Johnny Carson hosts the 23rd annual Academy Awards. Followed by the special, “Two of a Kind” with John Denver and George Burns.

Also this week, ABC-TV – The Barbara Walters Special with Ringo Starr, Linda Grey, Brooke Shields (and her mom) and Loretta Lynn. Ringo Starr talks about John Lennon.


Tuesday night television listings/programs/TV guide – March 22, 1981

CBS – Palmerstown, Movie

NBC – Lobo, BJ and the Bear, Flamingo Road, Tonight, Tomorrow

ABC – Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Three’s Company, Too Close For Comfort, Hart to Hart, Nightline, Late movie

PBS – Nova, Mystery!


On Happy Days – The Fonz starts his new career – as an auto mechanic instructor.

On the Tonight Show – B.B. King joins Johnny Carson.

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