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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of August 8, 1980 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts



In The News

President Carter, angered by an earlier bureaucratic mistake that permitted an 11-day hunger strike by Iranian students in front of the White House, orders his staff to make sure that the permit for the latest demonstration would not be extended past its expiration date.

Law enforcement officers say there is growing evidence that Islamic radicals supporting the ayatollah Khomeini had drawn up a “hit list” of prominent Muslim leaders and others in the United States.

The Justice Department agrees to a full-scale investigation of President Carter, some of his key aides, Atty. Gen. Benjamin Civiletti and other officials involved in the Billy carter affair. 

Hurricane Allen fizzles out, but not before leaving its wake in Texas with lots of flooding.

Before the convention, some 10,000 march to “rap’ the politicians who will soon be attending the Democratic convention at Madison Square Garden.

President Carter says he hopes his brother, Billy, will return the $220,000 he received from the government of Libya. Meantime, Libyan leader Col. Moamer Khadafy defends his nation’s dealings with Billy Carter and said the loan to the President’s brother was related to business transactions carried out during the two visits in 1978 and 1979.  Khadafy said the White House had shown ‘great concern” I mending relations over the last six months but that Billy Carter had played no role in that development.

Democrat Convention in New York – Jimmy Carter wins the Democratic presidential nomination and Sen. Edward Kennedy immediately endorses him. 

Sen. Edward Kennedy predicts the Democrats would unite and mend the divisions caused by his challenge to President Carter.

The Federal Trade Commission says General Motors built at least 4 million 1975-1980 cars with major defects and then illegally withheld the information from buyers. The defects involving transmission, camshafts and diesel engine fuel pumps, ‘could cost American consumers up to $50 million in unexpected repairs” says the agency.

A businessman with Arab ties helped finance a Middle East tour by President Carter’s evangelist sister in January but Ruth Carter Stapleton said the man, Sam Bamieh of Palo Alto (CA) tried to “exploit her and to use her,” the White House said.  Press secretary Jody Powell said Mrs. Stapleton “came to realize what sort of person she was dealing with” when she learned that Bamieh “had given instructions that all her phone calls be routed through his room” He also insisted upon being present at every meeting she had with everybody else over there to the point of being extremely obnoxious and he tried to get her to stay two extra days in Saudi Arabia, even to the point of saying they could not leave because of airplane trouble,” Powell said. He also said he was going to pay for the trip, but wound-up paying less than half.

The second Air Florida commuter jet in four days is hijacked to Havana and Cuban authorities arrested seven suspects believed to be Cubans who had fled to the United States in the recent Freedom Flotilla, the FBI says.


Sports news – August 8, 1980

College sports – Five pac-10 schools are declared ineligible to compete for the conference football championship and are prohibited from anticipating in the 1981 Rose Bowl or other post-season games. S. California, UCLA, Arizona state, Oregon and Oregon State are getting penalized for alleged academic violations gathered by a conference compliance committee and other Pac-10 officials.


Entertainment /Celebrity/Movie/Hollywood news – August 8, 1980

People Magazine quotes a 20th Century-Fox executive as saying that Robert Redford has “got a hang-up about his looks. He feels he’s too pretty and that his looks get in the way of people accepting him in a dramatic role.” As a result, Redford chose the pictures of himself used in the “Brubaker” movie ads because they make him ugly as possible.

Lee Marvin said his celebrated palimony case with onetime roommate Michelle Triola Marvin taught him “how to lie.” She had sued him for $1.8 million but was awarded $100,000 for “rehabilitative purposes.”

Looks like fall TV shows will be delayed as the SAG actors strike heads into its fourth week.

Glen Campbell tells newsmen in London – “Perhaps I’ve found the secret for an unhappy private life. Every three years, I go and marry a girl who doesn’t love me, and then she proceeds to take all my money.”

Twiggy – onetime stringbean model who appears in the Blues Brothers movie, tells Newsweek, she wants to change her moniker to her legal name – Lesley  Hornby Armstrong. “Twiggy’s a ridiculous name, absolutely silly,” she told the magazine. “To tell you the truth, I can’t stand the sound of it anymore.”


Music news – August 8, 1980

Joan Baez says singer Bob Dylan produces “horrible music,” “Until 1970, he wrote some of the most radical songs. Then he turned to religion and wrote songs with Christian messages. Horrible music just like his film.”


Wednesday night television listings/programs/TV guide – August 8, 1980

CBS-NBC-ABC – Democratic National Convention coverage from New York.

For NBC – John Chancellor and David Brinkley. Later on NBC – The Tonight Show, The Tomorrow Show. 


Top movies – August 8, 1980

Raise the Titanic

The Blues Brothers


The Empire Strikes Back

Fiendish Plot

Dressed to Kill


The Hunter

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