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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of August 8, 1970 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

A Peruvian airliner plunges into a hill near Cuzco, killing 99 including 54 Americans.

In Uruguay – Dan Mitrione – an American police expert is slain by terrorists. He was there to help Uruguay’s police fight city crime.

Israel, Egypt and Jordan put into effect, a U.S. proposed cease-fire.

Israel declares that United States must affect the withdrawal of Soviet-made antiaircraft missiles, which Israel says Egypt pushed toward the Suez Canal after an Egyptian-Israel cease-fire began along the waterway at midnight.

President Nixon sets in motion a year-long transformation of the 188-year-old Post Office department, placing it into an independent national postal service. The goal is to modernize and improve mail delivery – ending chronic postal deficits. 

A man with an automatic carbine and pistols invades a trial court in san Rafael, and touches off a gun battle that took the lives of the judge, himself and two of the convicts the gunman was trying to free. 

President Nixon’s remark last week that Charles Manson was “guilty, directly or indirectly” in eight murders has hurt his image, even though he retracted the statement some hours later.

Segregation - Atty. Gen. John Mitchell says that if there were violent outburst in Southern schools this fall, the policing burden would fall on state and local law enforcement agencies, not federal marshals and troops.

The House approves a proposed constitutional amendment which would outlaw discrimination by sex and open up new rights to American women, including, perhaps – the right to be drafted.

General Motors will pay consumer advocate Ralph Nader $425,000 in an out-of-court settlement of his nearly four-year-old invasion of privacy suit. Nader said some of the funds would be used to finance ‘continuous legal monitoring” o GM’s activities in the safety, pollution and consumer relations areas.

After a $1 million government study - President Nixon says there was new evidence that marijuana smoking can have more harmful medical effects than previously believed.

Manson - Linda Kasabian, now the state’s key witness in the Tate-La Bianca murders is granted immunity from prosecution on seven counts of murder.

A Gallup survey of world leaders finds the overwhelming majority holding the opinion that life is improving for most people in the world.

Farm union leader Cesar Chavez begins a penitential fast following the beginning of the largest strike in his union’s history. The strike of nearly 1,000 workers was against Pic ‘n’ Pac Co – the world’s largest strawberry grower. Until now, not more than about 200 farm workers have gone on strike at any time. 

Nearly half of the nation’s college students say they have smoked marijuana and 13% report using it frequently, a new national survey shows. 


Consumer news – August 8, 1970 – Disneyland/Bean Bags

At Montgomery Wards – A Bean Bag – New Fun Chairs That Do Everything – Just $39.95

Disneyland - if you are a young man with long hair you probably won’t be admitted to the park. The new policy came a day after 300 long-haired ragtag yippies disrupted the park. Disneyland  had to close six hours early and riot police were called. The policy will be in place for a while.


Sports news – August 8, 1970

Cincinnati crashes three home runs, including the 40th of the year by Johnny Bench as the Reds route the Mets 6-1.

But wait – Tom Seaver fires a six-hitter and wins his 17th game of the season as the Mets beat the Pirates 10-2.

Pittsburgh Steelers’ Terry Bradshaw is into his second week as a pro and says – “from the moment I walked in here, I could tell anyone cold tell – that this was a football team in search of a leader.”

Don Shula – new coach of the Miami Dolphins – pays rival Terry Bradshaw the ultimate compliment. “What an arm Terry Bradshaw has. It must make Chuck Noll feel good to see his young quarterback throw the ball.” Miami beat Pittsburgh 16-10 in pre-season action.


Radio news – August 8, 1970

ABC has created a separate division to develop FM radio as a medium stressing progressive rock music and offering talk-in shows for those interested in today’s modern life style. Progressive rock ‘n’ roll is spreading throughout the country on FM. ABC plans to ask for new call letters for its FM stations to enhance identification of the separate service.


Music news – August 8, 1970

With Peter Green gone from Fleetwood Mac, Jeremy Spencer is taking his place.

Wow – Cary Grant, Herb Alpert, Jack Benny, Nancy Sinatra and wife Priscilla were in the audience for Elvis’ opening night at the International in Las Vegas – his third Vegas stint!

An estimated 200,000 attend the Goose Lake (MI) three-day rock festival. Performing – such bands as Chicago, Jethro Tull, the Stooges (Iggy Pop), 10 Years After, Joe Cocker, John Sebastian and Alice Cooper. Peace and smile prevailed and a youth hawking watermelons from a truck did bigger business than a bearded counterpart peddling what he said was marijuana and LSD. State police said there had been 30 arrests – all outside the park, mostly for possession of marijuana or drunkenness and that a 14-year-old Ohio runaway had been found.

Elvis At The International In Las Vegas (Third Time).


Television news – August 8, 1970

The three national television networks release a study reporting that they could save from 25 to 35% in the cost of distributing their programs either by means of a domestic satellite system or by a specialized microwave relay system on the ground. The networks are protesting recent rate increases by AT&T which maintains a multipurpose microwave system for TV show, telephone calls and data transmission. 


Sunday night television listings/programs/TV guide – August 8, 1970

CBS – Lassie, To Rome With Love, Ed Sullivan, Comedy Tonight, Mission: Impossible

NBC – Disney, Bill Cosby Show, Bonanza, Bold Ones

ABC –  Land of the Giants, The FBI, ABC Sunday Night Movie

NET – Evening at the Pops


Ed Sullivan – Patti Page, Little Anthony and the Imperials, B.J. Thomas, Robert Klein, Norm Crosby, Klauser’s Bears, Jacques d’Amboise.

Comedy Tonight – Robert Klein, Jack E. Leonard, Brook Benton.

Mission: Impossible – The team must help Barney – who on vacation – is arrested and marked for execution. 


Thursday night television listings/programs/TV guide – August 8, 1970

CBS – Family Affair, Happy Days (summer series), Movie, Merv Griffin

NBC – Daniel Boone, Ironside, Dragnet 1970, Dean Martin Presents the Golddiggers, Johnny Carson

ABC – Animal World, That Girl, Bewitched, Tom Jones, The Survivors

NET – Washington Week


Family Affair – French is offered a hand in marriage by a wealthy English widow.

Happy Days – Duke Ellington, Bob and Ray.

Bewitched – Sam and Darrin get more trouble from Endora in the form of a gift that threatens their marriage.

Tom Jones – Johnny Cash, Minnie Pearl, Jeannie C. Riley and June Carter Cash.

The Golddigers – Tommy Tune, Marty Fieldman and Charles Nelson Reilly.

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