Whatever Happened to Jim Carrey?

Jim Carrey is one of the finest stars in the entertainment industry. He has performed plenty of versatile roles that admirers have to admit that Jim Carrey has not left any type of character. He had been blessed with multiple talents like comedy, acting, writing, as well as production. Carrey got recognition back in the 1990s by working in “In Living Color.” After his debut, he never failed to amaze the audience with his versatile performances in many blockbusters, including Yes Man, The Truman Show, Liar Liar, Ace Ventura, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, and many more. 

In his golden days, Jim was always ready to learn new skills; he once got training from the CIA for a movie called “the Grinch.” 

Let’s see what has happened to Jim Carrey now and why he isn’t active anymore.  

1. He Became a Victim of Depression


Many actors have gone through a phase in which they are completely surrounded by depression with overwhelming suicidal thoughts. It is also considered that the best of comedians are silently fighting depression. Like them, the famous Jim Carrey went through depression before getting into acting. This was because he always dreamt of being a well-known comedian. But initially, the circumstances were not in his favor as he had to be dropped out of school to be a janitor for taking care of his family. This happened when he was only fifteen. Both his parents lost their jobs, and all the burden was on him. 

Jim then quit this job in around 1979 and started working on his stand-up act. He started the work as an opener for Rodney Dangerfield and Buddy Hackett. From that, he got into the eyes of the beholders because of being ultra-energetic. He managed to save sufficient money that he bought himself a Hollywood ticket and started working in The Comedy Store so that he could start working as a comic. 

After realizing that he doesn’t need to do the janitor job anymore, Carrey wrote himself a check in 1985 of $10 million and dated it 10 years. Life started being colorful, and he secured multiple roles from “In Living Color” to “The Mask.” 

In between, he took down the script of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective that could not get missed from the audiences’ eyes. Because of his utmost hard work and effort, Carrey finally got the lead role in “The Mask.” After this project, the biggest offer was to cast him as a lead actor in “Dumb and Dumber.” He received $10 million for this project and that too in a timespan less than he aimed. This was a splendid achievement. 

Though he escaped from his job as a janitor and was living his dream life. He didn’t have to worry about the money, yet he was in a worse state of depression. This was stated by his first wife, Melissa. He even was publicly expressive about his mental state. He stated that it is not important that your financial conditions reflect your inner peace. There are ups and downs as well as peaks and valleys in one’s life. You cannot comprehend what is going on, cannot find all the answers, yet you would smile in your workplace. That is life, and you have to deal with it. 

2. He Once Refused to Promote His Movie


Now that’s interesting. You might be thinking that how is it impossible for an actor to refuse his movie’s promotion. This happened back in 2013 when he was starred in the movie called “Kick-Ass 2”. At the time of promotion, he refused to promote his movie because of the violence. The reason for refusing the promotion was the recent incident of shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, also called the Newton Shooting, that took place in December 2012. 

3. Jim Carrey is Also Known For His Paintings 

Jim Carry, as already mentioned, is a multitalented human being. He isn’t just an actor or comedian but also into painting. This work of Carrey has been showcased both online and in the Netflix show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. He has been into painting and drawing since he was a kid. His art reflects his work of acting, both being extremely expressive as well as emotive. He shared some of his work on Twitter as well. 

You can view his work at Wyland Galleries Beachwalk, Hawaii, and California. Thus, we can call him “A man with exceptional talents.” 

4. He Refused to Do the Sequel of “The Mask”


Jim has always been reluctant to do the sequels of movies. Recently, when he was offered “The Mask 2”, he admitted right away that he would only be doing the sequels if they are directed by the right person. He stated, “I would only do it if it was some crazy visionary filmmaker.” 

5. He Has Not The Same Passion for Acting Anymore


Jim admitted that he does not have the same passion, zeal, and excitement for acting anymore. Despite being well-known for acting and comedy, he is not into acting anymore. This is why he suddenly disappeared from the spotlight. 

6. The Anti-Vaccination Controversy 

Jim Carrey is one of the actors who stirred up controversy more than once. He is totally against this vaccination thing and has clearly declared on Twitter that the Canadian President is poisoning young children because of the mandatory shots. 

7. Jim Carrey Wrote a Book 


Apart from acting, Jim Carrey is seen as being interested in other professions and fields. Jim is known for his films, but now he has split interests and likings as he has written a book for children, called “The Rolland Rolls” in 2013. In this book, he talks about a wave that is about to hit the beach and is afraid that its life will soon be over on hitting the beach.

8. Return to On-Screen 


Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog

As mentioned previously, Jim has been disappeared from the spotlight. But after taking a break, he reappeared in the on-screen projects in 2018. He restarted by appearing in the series called “Kidding.” Then he appeared in “Sonic the Hedgehog” but refused to be a part of its second part. 

9. Jim Carrey is a Supporter of Joe Biden

Jim Carrey is a Supporter of Joe Biden

Not only did Jim amazed his audience by reappearing on the screen, but he also joined Saturday Night Live throughout the presidential elections in 2020. Jim portrayed Joe Biden in the Saturday Night Live opposite Kamala Harris. Jim’s personality is so unpredictable that he has no plans to play the part again in the future. 

10. Jim Carrey Inspired Ariana Grande

Jim Carrey Inspired Ariana Grande

Jim has left masterpieces that happen to inspire a lot of the population around the world. Many of his fans grew out to be famous in different fields. Likely, Ariana Grande, a renowned American singer as well as an actress, openly admires Jim and declared herself his fan. 

Jim has been open about his mental state, and that has motivated people to fight against the condition. Ariana Grande once shared Carrey’s quote about depression and captioned it, admitting that she is inspired by the multitalented gem. When Jim noticed her tweet, he replied to it, which gave a kind gesture that left Ariana in an aww. She expressed, “I can’t process this or breathe. Hold on”. 

11. Jim Carrey’s Relationships


Jim Carrey has been married twice. In 1987, he first married Melissa Womer, but the relationship could not last long. They had a daughter named Jane Erin Carrey. Later in 1996, Carrey married one of his co-stars, Lauren Holly, which lasted less than a year, and they divorced. 

Apart from marriages, he had been in romantic relationships with Linda Ronstadt, Renee Zellweger, and Jenny McCarthy. He says that Zellweger is the “love of his life.”


Jim Carrey is a famous Canadian actor, producer, and comedian. He excelled in whatever he did. Carrey is also into paintings, sketching, and writing. Despite being in the spotlight, Jim has been a victim of depression that he admitted publicly, and this motivated his audience to fight against the condition with enthusiasm. He does what he wants and has been so clear and transparent about his thoughts. 

In simple words, Jim Carrey is one of the most beloved personalities in Hollywood with so many skills and talents.