What style of music can you play with ukulele?

When many people hear of ukulele music, their minds wander off to a beach with lovely palm trees and the calm sounds of the sea on a sunny day. Well, they are not wrong. A ukulele is a traditional instrument from Hawaii, and the only limit to the styles of music that can be played on the instrument is your imagination. Although different music instruments have an inherent sound unique to them, they are played with the same set of notes for the most part.

That is to say, you can recreate any sound on the ukulele as long as you have the proper techniques at your disposal. Even some music written with a ukulele initially doesn’t have it present in the final recording. The ukulele is famous for creating all styles of music because of its unique nature and size. It is a small musical instrument that you can bring along to a road trip, have it with you in a tour bus or even have it near your bed for when you need to play some ukulele chords for songs.

It is tuned similarly to the bottom four strings of a guitar. You can write pop, rock, jazz, blues, classical music, etc., on the ukulele, and the techniques make the genres sound distinct. The ukulele is depicted as a musical instrument for tropical songs played by the beach, but it suits all genres of music. Also, it is not limited to the simple act of playing one chord after another. Let’s look at the most common style of music you can play with the ukulele.

The traditional ukulele music

As earlier mentioned, the ukulele is a musical instrument that evokes the sound of the beach and islands thanks to its fresh sound. The traditional music played with the ukulele takes such an image and is accompanied by lighter lyrics that align with the basic rhythms of the ukulele. You only need to play a few chords while maintaining a rhythm, and you have yourself a good ukulele song.

Pop music

Pop music is the real deal today as it is broadcast everywhere on televisions, radios, and smartphones, although it is modified with electronic effects. Surprisingly, it is possible to play pop music with the ukulele. You only have to transcribe the song in the form of chords from chordify then play with the chord names you have learned through your technique or even out a voice on it.

Ukulele ballads

The soft little ballads you often listen to can be played with the ukulele as well. You a do that by chaining the notes simultaneously to pay arpeggios which contributes to the soft melody of ballads. You can incorporate classic sounds to mix the sounds as you wish.

Other music styles that can be played with the ukulele include rock, jazz, soul, country, metal, reggae, and classical music. You only have to play the right chords and use the proper technique.


In simple words, you can play different styles of music on the ukulele. It is all about how you use it, so it is a versatile musical instrument.