Videos and Social Media: Tips You Need to Know About

Visual content is everything on social media; videos, especially, are the new parameter to determine growth for any social media account. Meta, which powers Facebook and Instagram, has an algorithm that supports videos more than any other form of content.

While video production is time and effort-consuming, it is worth it. A recent research found that around 82% of all internet traffic was used to download and stream videos in 2022. This stat attests to how the importance of videos is growing in volume.

Cut to the chase, if you seek more reach and engagement on your social media account, then you will have to make videos.

But the story does not end here. There are a few guidelines and restrictions around video content on different platforms that need to be kept in mind when creating and managing videos. Videos need to be meticulously planned, executed, and published by social media marketers. Therefore, in this article, we are going to give all the inside details about the art of managing videos on social media to take the edge off this complex task.

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Anyway, let’s get into the video marketing tips right away!

Set Your Goals

Before you randomly shoot a video, you have to underscore why you are making it and how it is going to help you. Going haphazardly about your video marketing will accomplish nothing but will waste your time and energy.

If you are just starting, make sure that you create a few goals. These goals can be anything, for example, targeting a section of the audience, creating a brand image, stirring up purchases, etc.

However, make sure your goals are SMART.

Specific: Your goal/s should not be too vague. Instead, they should be clear and defined. They should stipulate what exactly you wish to accomplish.

Measurable: Your goals must be measurable; they should be concrete goals that you can track with numbers. That is why you will have to set metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs)

Achievable: Make sure you have the required skills, expertise, and resources in your arsenal to achieve the goals.

Realistic: It is great to aim high, but your goals must not be the imaginary image of reality. Set producible goals.

Time-bound: Define a deadline or set a time frame to achieve your goals.

Only when you define your goals, you can produce the right script that goes in line with your aims and prospects. You can create a video marketing strategy that can guide you throughout the process, from the beginning til the end.

Identify the Best Platform

There are lots of social media platforms, and each one has unique features and characteristics. However, you need to understand that not all platforms are worth investing in. You should choose all those platforms where your videos are given much weightage and target the consumers to achieve your goals.

For that, you will have to analyze all social media sites to find out how they can help achieve your goals. Secondly, you will have to analyze your audience. Conducting a demographic and psychographic assessment of your audience will allow you to understand which social media platform is well-suited to target the masses.

Keep Your Videos Short and Impactful

Let’s face it. We all hate watching long social media videos. The instantaneous gratification on social media has spoilt us as we can’t even watch a 5-minute long social media video. That is why, it is recommended to keep videos short yet powerful to deliver the message aptly. The purpose of your videos should be to hook the user, disseminate the message, and get the user to follow up on it. That’s it!

Storytelling is the Key

As said earlier, the videos should catch the attention of the viewers. But how is it possible, especially when there is a flood of videos online? Well, the only element that helps a video stand out among the rest is the storyline. It should have something that invokes powerful emotions. It is said that our brain loves good storytelling as good stories release oxytocin, a chemical that induces stress and provokes a feeling of affection. As a result, you can create a bond with your followers and be able to meet your goals naturally.

Focus on Quality of Video

Video quality is as important, if not more, than content quality. Today, when people want the absolute best experience, they do not expect less when it comes to video quality. A video in HD is more likely to get views than a video in 122p. So, if you want viewers to consume your videos, you would need to upgrade your equipment and tools to render a high-quality final product.

Bottom Line

Social media videos offer an incredible way to engage with your audience. We have outlined tips to help you make the most of the videos, but you must ensure you create videos that intend to entertain and inform while also helping you achieve your long-term goals.