Top 5 comedy movies you should watch

Everyone loves a good laugh. Comedies are a perfect vehicle for us to laugh, which helps us relieve stress and share in the joys of others. Laughing is also an essential social tool as it’s proven to improve mood, ease depression, and prevent strokes. But you can’t just enjoy the funny movies on your own. You need to know why you should watch it and the essential elements of a successful film that makes people laugh.

In this post, we’ll go through the characteristics of a comedy film and introduce you to five of the finest comedies currently available. If you have the time, you should watch all of these films since they are entertaining.

Top 5 comedy movies you should watch 

1. PITCH PERFECT 2 (2015)

This is the sequel to Pitch Perfect, which was released in 2012. If you enjoyed the first movie where they sing, you’d love this one too because it has a plot that revolves around singing competitions and these competitions are the plot of this new comedy. The story continues with Bana Bana Ali, a freshman in college and lead singer of the Bellas, an all-girls singing group at Barden University. The group is divided into two groups- One is like Jodie Foster’s character in Silence of the Lambs, and they are more serious, while the other group is more fun and carefree.

The Bellas’ group is divided among the two groups, but in a twist, they must form one group that competes in world championships. The new group competes against world-class opponents (which are similar to the German team) in the World Championships of A Capella. Will the A Capella group win? Watch it and find out!

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Glenn Close, Robin Williams, and Ben Stiller are part of this film as Shawn Levy directs it and written by Robert Ben Garant & Thomas Lennon. This movie stars Ben Stiller, who plays Larry Daley, a divorced father struggling to take care of his son Nicky.Larry Daley is a Brooklyn divorcee whose irregular work history leads his ex-wife Erica to feel he is a negative role model for his ten-year-old son Nick.

This movie also has Amy Adams, who plays Bessie, a tough, lonely, and angry woman who offers Larry and his son Nicky whatever they may need. At first, they try to stay away from her, but they eventually become good friends. In the end, Larry and Nicky accidentally give themselves away when they take a picture of Bessie without her knowing it.


This movie is the third entry to the “Hangover” series, a trilogy by Todd Phillips. The story follows Alan and Teddy, who are very close friends, and they hang out with Mac, his girlfriend. Their night goes topsy-turvy when Alan wakes up hungover from drinking too much at a party hosted by his friend Barry, and he finds that he is hungover too.

On their way to the hospital, they try to remember what happened in the ambulance. They end up not remembering anything, and all they see are pictures of themselves with animal heads on. What happened to them? Watch the movie and find out! This comedy is perfect for guys as it revolves around a bachelor party in Vegas.

4. I LOVE YOU MAN (2009)

Paul Rudd plays Sydney Fife, a man who doesn’t have any male friends and hasn’t had any since high school. He meets Peter Klaven (played by Jason Segel), an available friend when you need him.

This movie also stars Rashida Jones and Rob Corddry, who play Peter’s friends Eleanor and Victor. The story begins when they all go out to dinner together after years of not seeing each other. They all have a good time even though they don’t know each other very well. But that doesn’t stop them from saying what’s on their minds about themselves, which makes the dinner interesting as they each talk about themselves.

5. SUPERBAD (2015)

Johnny Knoxville plays a troubled nerd who runs a  video game site named “SuperBad”. He invites his buddies to play on the weekends and shows them how to earn money playing the game.

Bad luck happens when one of his friends, Fogell, plans a party and invites two girls named Jessica (played by Emma Stone) and Jules (played by Martha MacIsaac), who he met at the laundromat. They want to go to the party but don’t know where it is, so they ask Fogell. His answer is, “I don’t know, my contact lens fell into my bong water.”

They then think he said Superbad, so they go there instead as they have no idea what Superbad is. As they go there, Fogell’s cousin Kevin (played by Stephen Root) comes in and wants to show them his new game. He reveals “SuperBad” is a game that is “so bad it’s good.” The movie follows their adventures as they figure out what Superbad is, where it is, and what they have to do in the game.


There are countless comedy movies out there, but these 5 are some of the best comedies in the modern world. The elements that make a great comedy include a good script, hilarious dialogues, good acting, and of course, a good ending! And you get all that with these movies.

So if you have time on your hands and are looking for some fun, just watch one of these movies and enjoy yourself to the fullest. We wish you a great viewing experience!