Three of The Most Iconic Cars from Film and TV

Over the past few decades, the film industry has made many moviegoers drool over some of the most beautiful cars ever known to man. Movie franchises such as James Bond have captured the attention of car and film lovers alike by featuring classic and iconic vehicles in their storylines. In fact, the cars featured in 007 movies have become almost as iconic as the men who have played the role of the superspy! Below are some of the most famous cars from the film industry – cars that everyone wishes they had the chance to drive, even just once.

1964 Aston Martin – Goldfinger

Aston Martin is a brand that’s long been associated with words like class, maturity, and elegance. The 1964 Aston Martin DB5 that made an appearance in the James Bond franchise is a perfect example of exactly those definitions. The James Bond series has built itself quite the legacy when it comes to its on-screen vehicles, and many would rank the 1964 DB5 which appears in the classic film Goldfinger as one of the best cars to ever have appeared on the big screen. The vehicle was put to full use in the film, often seen flying through the roads of London in car chases and action sequences.

Griswold Family Station Wagon – National Lampoon Vacation

Not every vehicle in a major motion picture is a sleek and elegant classic car that will capture the imagination of the viewer. Instead, some films, such as National Lampoon Vacation try to portray the reality of the car industry by showing a vehicle that becomes known for its reliability and endurance. The Griswold Station Wagon, which makes an appearance in the aforementioned film, became known for exactly those qualities, underlining the importance of the family vehicle to the modern American household.

For the most part, however, station wagons have now been replaced by the modern SUV. There are many benefits to owning an SUV including comfort for everyone while driving, large cabin space, as well as versatility, with many SUVs being able to handle on-road as well as offroad conditions. SUVs come in many shapes and sizes, with most families opting for a small SUV as it can still operate and perform many of the functions of a normal SUV but at a more affordable price.

2007 Chevrolet Camara – Transformers

There are few cars as recognizable as the 2007 Chevvy that appears in the massive film blockbuster Transformers series. Much of the younger generation now aspires to own a classic American muscle car, as the Chevvy was seen performing some of the best action sequences in film history back in 2007. The car was known as the fictional character Bumblebee throughout the franchise and instantly became one of the most recognizable cars in the film industry in the 21st century.

As this list proves, cars can be movie stars too, and in some cases, they make the biggest impact on screen. More so than the actors and the storyline!

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