The best speakers for music on any budget

Music has an incredible effect. It is entertaining, can give comfort, take away pain and is a great topic for small talk. Nevertheless, private homes are often poorly equipped with sound systems. The existing equipment is typically not able to realistically reproduce the sound of instruments and singing. The distorted sounds may well sound normal to some, but a trained ear knows the difference. So if you want to enjoy music to the fullest, you should go for a good music speaker. You have no idea what makes such a speaker? Don’t worry, we’ll help you out in the following article!

Do expensive speakers sound better?

The superstition that only an expensive device is a good speaker is widespread. For this reason, many people fall prey to the misconception that they have to invest tens of thousands of euros to benefit from a pleasant sound. However, this is not entirely correct. Of course, the high-performance devices are technically adept and deliver more power. But over time, a wide range of speakers has developed that have a fair price-performance ratio. However, the choice – for example on SoundImports – is so gigantic that consumers are spoilt for choice.

What makes a speaker sound better?

In order to make the right choice, the following tech purchase criteria should be taken into account:


Drivers consist of diaphragms and domes, among other things. They are responsible for producing the sound and make the crucial difference when it comes to good sound. Cheap drivers often show reproduction problems at high levels, as the components cause oscillation resonances. When buying, you can pay attention to the material, as this is crucial for the sound.


Another criterion is the housing. Here, too, the material plays a major role. If the construction is not of high quality and the materials are light and cheap, the cabinet will resonate and produce its own sound. If the speaker is enclosed in aluminium, Corian, high-density fibreboard or laminated panels, it is a good speaker.


The crossover of a loudspeaker is responsible for the diffusion of the audio signal. The signal is split and passed on to the driver. The unit distinguishes between low tones, which are transmitted to the woofer, and high tones, which reach the tweeter. Devices of inferior quality do not manage this allocation perfectly, which has an effect on the sound quality.

Quality Manufacturing

In the world of loudspeakers, everything revolves around harmony. So several speakers need to be perfectly matched to produce great sound. If the manufacturing process takes place without strict quality controls, consumers cannot be sure that consistent quality is guaranteed.


They say: the bigger the better. This also applies to the bass. Big speakers are able to produce deeper and more powerful bass tones because the woofer can expel more air.

Things to consider before buying speakers for music

When buying speakers, there are several factors to consider. For example, the place where the loudspeaker is to be placed should be included in the purchase decision. A small speaker is quickly oversized in a large room and cannot fill the square metres with sound. If you do not want to buy a complete sound system, but only a single set of stereo speakers, then the type of speakers plays a role. In this case, you should go for active speakers because they have an integrated amplifier and several audio connections. Make sure that the size of the device is suitable for your room and that the bass has enough space. It is important to know that with high-quality speakers you do not have to buy extra equipment for surround sound or similar.