Super Bowl 2024 Odds: Three Teams Dalvin Cook Can Help Improve Their Chances

The chances for one NFL team to win the Super Bowl are about to get a lot better now that Dalvin Cook has been let go.

The Vikings are said to have told the four-time Pro Bowler today that they are letting him go, making him a free agent.

Even though he’s been having shoulder problems and his speed has slowed down, Cook is still a good running back. He has run for more than 1,000 yards in each of the last four seasons, and catching throws out of the backfield is a dangerous way to use him.

Cook is most likely to help a team win the Super Bowl if he joins them. Here are three teams I think might try to sign him to help them get to the Super Bowl.

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Now, let’s take a look at the teams:

1. Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are trying to win right now, even though they are probably the third or fourth-best team in their division right now. This seems like a year for quarterback Tua Tagovailoa to show himself, and with all the receivers they have, it’s easy to see why.

Running back is where Miami is best. Raheem Mostert, who is currently expected to start, is always one step away from an injury that would end the season, and Jeff Wilson Jr., who has been a good story the last few years, isn’t as good as Cook.

Even though the Dolphins’ chances of winning the Super Bowl wouldn’t change just because they signed Cook, having him on the team would make them a stronger candidate than they are now.

2. New York Jets

Another team from the AFC East wants to win the Super Bowl this year. The Jets have Aaron Rodgers and a strong group of receivers, but they could use some help at running back.

Breece Hall had a breakout year last year, but he’s coming off a torn ACL, so it’s not clear if his body can handle a full season’s worth of work. Michael Carter, who is more of a receiver than a bell-cow, is behind him.

Cook can rush and pass, and he’s also a good blocker, which is a big part of Rodgers’ success when he uses play-action. This move would make a lot of sense for the Jets and would help them win the Super Bowl right away.

3. Cincinatti Bengals

The Bengals haven’t been tied to Cook, and they don’t have a clear need for a running back, so this is a bit of a wild card. But this story isn’t about who WILL sign Cook; it’s about who SHOULD sign him to improve their chances of making the Super Bowl.

Joe Mixon is coming off a bad season where he averaged only 3.9 yards per run and missed three games due to injuries. Even though he’s one of the best running backs, giving him less to do or even matching him with another top back can only help the Bengals’ chances of making the Super Bowl.

As long as Joe Burrow is at quarterback, the Bengals have a chance to win the Super Bowl, but they can’t keep wideouts Ja’Marr Chase, Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd together forever. In the offseason, they gave Orlando Brown Jr. a big deal to be their left tackle. This shows that this is a Super Bowl or bust season. Nothing would prove that more than if they signed Cook and gave Burrow one of the best running-back duos in the league with him.