Mapping Your Preparation: RRB PO Exam Syllabus Explained

The RRB (Railway Recruitment Board) conducts the RRB PO (Probationary Officer) exam to recruit prospects for the post of Probationary Officer in different public sector banks under the Indian Railways. Aspirants aiming to embark on a promising career in the banking sector through RRB PO need to understand the exam syllabus clearly. This article will comprehensively explain the RRB PO syllabus, enabling candidates to map their preparation effectively.

Overview of the RRB PO Exam

Preliminary Exam: The first phase consists of the preliminary exam, which includes objective-type questions. It has three sections: Reasoning Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, and English Language.

Main Exam: The second phase is the main exam, which comprises objective and descriptive questions. The objective section includes Reasoning and Computer Aptitude, General/Economy/Banking Awareness, English Language, and Data Analysis & Interpretation. The descriptive section evaluates the candidates’ written communication skills.

Interview: The final phase is the interview process, where candidates are assessed based on their communication skills, personality, and banking knowledge.

Preliminary Exam Syllabus

Reasoning Ability: This section tests the candidates’ logical and analytical reasoning skills. Topics include puzzles, seating arrangement, coding-decoding, blood relations, syllogism, etc.

Quantitative Aptitude: This section assesses candidates’ mathematical and numerical abilities. Topics covered include number system, simplification, data interpretation, time and work, speed and distance, etc.

English Language: The English Language section evaluates candidates’ proficiency in the language. Topics include reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, sentence correction, etc.

Main Exam Syllabus

Reasoning and Computer Aptitude: This section includes reasoning questions and computer-related topics. It covers input-output, coding-decoding, logical reasoning, computer fundamentals, internet, MS Office, etc.

General/Economy/Banking Awareness: This section assesses candidates’ knowledge of current affairs, general awareness, and banking and economic topics. Questions may cover national and international events, banking and financial terms, RBI policies, etc.

English Language: The English Language section in the main exam evaluates candidates’ writing and communication skills. It includes essay writing, letter writing, and precise writing.

Data Analysis & Interpretation: This section tests candidates’ ability to analyse and interpret data. Topics include data tables, charts, graphs, and data analysis.

Descriptive Test

The descriptive test in the main exam needs candidates to compose an essay and a letter. The essay could be on a current topic, social issue, or general subject. The letter can be formal or informal, depending on the context.

Interview Process

The interview assesses candidates’ personality, communication skills, and banking knowledge. Aspirants should be well-versed in current affairs, banking terminologies, and the latest developments in the banking sector.

Mapping Your Preparation

Develop a Study Plan: Divide your preparation time wisely among the different sections of the exam. Give more time to the sections you find challenging and revise regularly.

Utilise Quality Study Material: Refer to reliable study materials, RRB PO exam books, and online resources for comprehensive syllabus coverage.

Practice Regularly: Regular exercise is essential to enhance your speed and accuracy. Solve mock tests, previous year question papers, and online quizzes to evaluate your preparation.

Stay Updated: Stay updated with current events, banking news, and economic developments. Read newspapers, watch news channels, and follow credible online sources for the latest updates.

Improve Language Skills: Work on your English skills, which are crucial for the preliminary and main exams. Practice reading, writing, and communication regularly.

Time Management: Time management is crucial in the exam. Practice solving questions within the defined time to guarantee you can attempt all questions during the exam.

Mock Interviews: Participate in mock interview sessions to gain confidence and enhance your performance in the interview round.


The RRB PO syllabus covers various topics that test candidates’ knowledge, reasoning ability, and communication skills. Mapping your preparation by understanding the syllabus is essential to approach the exam and perform well confidently. So, gear up for the challenge, map your preparation, and embark on the journey to becoming a Probationary Officer in the banking sector.