Making Engaging Posts on Instagram

When you use a free instagram post maker or create your post by yourself, the end point is to come up with an engaging post that will grow your audience base. In order to achieve this there are some ordinary details you must not leave out. You don’t drive engagements by sophistication alone. Some little details we ignore could be all that we need.

How to Get More Engagements

There are many ways to interact with your audience and see your metrics soar, from making memes to holding giveaways.

Here are some of the ways to boost your engagements:

Use Instagram Stories Stickers

Using Instagram Stories Stickers helps you get your followers involved with you, which in turn fosters the development of a devoted follower  that is emotionally attached to your company.

Create and Share Relatable Memes

You can easily take advantage of trends to come up with what your audience can relate with. Notice that you don’t have to think outside the box to come up with this. The inspiration is not far-fetched.

Create Graphics That Can Be Saved

When you create graphics around quotes, or retweets, you drive more engagements to your account. Most instagram users love to share beautifully designed quotes on their stories.

Communicate Value

People will always engage with your post when it offers them value. In addition to all that you share you don’t want to be seen as a clown, you should be able to make some sense in your posts.

Use CTAs

CTAs simply means Call-To-Actions. This has always made a remarkable mark in every post. Some of the things CTAs does include:

  • it let the audience know what you want them to do;
  • it prompts them to take a decisive step;
  • it helps generate leads and build conversion rates. 

When your caption is always laced with this, you draw more engagement to your post.

Reflect Your Personality

Engaging your community with your personality on Instagram is a terrific way to increase engagement.While it is important to meet the need of your audience, it shouldn’t be in a way that contradicts with your personality. People should be able to tell who you are from your posts.

Run Reward Programs

having a giveaway, a quiz or a contest once in a way will skyrocket engagements. It should be in a way to promote participants to let their friends and immediate circle know about your brand.

Use Collabs on Reels

Instagram Collabs are a fresh method to increase interaction, particularly on Reels, which are continually gaining in popularity. You may ask someone to collaborate on a Feed article or Reel using the Collabs feature so they can share the work with their audience.

We can not exhaust ways to drive engagements. This only gives you a guide on where to start from. You can then employ creativity as you follow this to drive more engagements.


The unifying factor to put in place while employing the tips mentioned above is consistency. Driving engagements thrives on consistently engaging these tips. Over time, results will come immeasurably. It doesn’t come overnight. It is  a journey and not a sprint. Your brand is not something you want to give up on that easily.