How to Turn Your Passion for Pop Culture into a College Major?

When you have a passion for pop culture or even wish to become a pop star yourself, it is also possible to take things even further and prove that pop performers can make a difference. One of the best ways to achieve that is to consider choosing a major or adjusting things in a special way to make it work for you. If you are good at creating dresses and clothing items, you may think about Fashion studies. Likewise, you can explore the subjects of bullying and mental health by majoring in Psychology. Knowing about pop culture, you may also consider Law studies or an MBA as a way to protect pop performers from cases of fraud. Essentially, it is always possible to combine things as you learn the classic subjects.

How to Turn Your Passion for Pop Culture into a College Major

– Become a Good Storyteller First.

No matter what college major you plan to choose, the most important is to become a good writer and learn how to tell a story. While pop culture is mostly meant for entertainment, it is essential to talk about success and being able to cope with fame and responsibility. If writing is not one of your strong sides, be sure to consider essay services UK to learn about all the different ways to deliver your message and see how to persuade people or reflect on what you already know.

– Determine Your Best Skills.

You have to think about how exactly you would like to express your passion for pop culture first. If you know about pop stars that have made history, you can think about journalism or even film studies. If you know how the songs should sound, consider Sound Engineering and Music Production majors. If you can compose amazing lyrics and write presentations, do not be afraid to consider English and Arts to unfold your writing skills fully.

– Start With Social and Volunteering Campaigns.

Pop culture is all about dealing with people and being there for each other, which means that your college major alone won’t fit the bill. Essentially, you have to participate in social campaigns, volunteer, and do community work by helping creative personalities become known. If you wish to make life more fun, you have to be active and use every opportunity that comes your way. Since pop culture appeals to young people, you should think about delivering a positive message and standing for strong morals and good values.

– Participate in Extracurricular Activities.

Sometimes it can become extremely hard to use your pop culture passion as a college student. Therefore, the best solution is to participate in all extracurricular activities. It can be anything from starting a college blog where you talk about being in style to organising the talent show at college. If you need to compose a strong message, you may see here for more information on how to write with a passion. Be active, showcase your skills, and you will add something special to your resume.

Let’s Not Forget About Journalism

When you read all the pop culture magazines, it is highly likely that you feel like changing many things you hear. As a college student, you may explore journalism in the field of creative writing. This way, you can pass through the basic English college course and focus on the peculiarities of essay writing and the use of tone. It will help you to gain a special foundation before you continue with journalistic principles and writing ethics. Once you learn more, you will be able to work for pop culture magazines, celebrity blogs, analytical reviews, and even large presentations for international performers. After all, entertainment agents seek professionals who can write well and show a degree in creative writing and journalism. Give it a good thought, as it might be your future career!


William Fontes loves exploring cultural matters as he grew up with pop culture magazines and room posters. As an educator and entrepreneur, he focuses on the best ways to combine culture and education. Follow William to discover new ways to learn and add more fun to your life.