How to Select a Laptop Repair Shop: Everything You Need to Know

As of 2023, there are 29,864 electronic and computer repair businesses in the United States. So when you need to select a laptop repair shop, you should be able to find several of them.

However, finding the right laptop repair shop is a whole different matter. There’s no guarantee that every repair shop you come across will be high-quality.

So you need to search with caution. Consider doing the following as you search for laptop repair shops.

Select a Laptop Repair Shop Nearby 

Is there a local repair shop that’s been in your local area for a decade or more? That’s the laptop shop that you should go to.

Locals Love Them 

A laptop repair business that offers poor-quality services won’t last long. Customers will stop going to them after they’ve had bad experiences. They will also tell others about their bad experiences.

The repair business will eventually die off with no customers. This won’t happen if the repair service offers good services. If a service has existed in one place for a long time, it has quality.

Local Advice 

The repair workers at a local shop will also know about the best places in the area for tech. After a laptop diagnostic check, they may inform you that they can’t fix your issue. However, if they recommend a replacement, they can tell you about the best place in the local area.

Know Your Laptop 

Many repair shops offer a wide variety of laptop repairs (Fruit Fixed is one of them). However, some repair shops have limits. They may only fix certain types of laptops.

An Example 

For example, one repair shop may fix Windows laptops but not Apple laptops. The same repair shop may only fix Windows laptops that are up to 3 years old. It can be difficult to fix older laptops when computer repair shops don’t have the right parts.

So, in this scenario, if you have an older Mac laptop, you can’t go to this repair shop. You may, however, find another repair shop that can help you.

Learn About Your Laptop 

You should learn a bit about your laptop before you start looking for repair shops. Find its serial number and look it up online. You should find out about its manufacturer, year of creation, etc.

Once you have this information, start looking at the descriptions of options for laptop repair shops. The business should inform you of the types of laptops they repair. You can then call the more helpful locations for price quotes.

Get Several Price Quotes 

Comparing laptop repair costs is a great way to get the best deal. However, you don’t want to go with a very low price. You’ll likely get lower-quality services as a result.

But a high quote doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get high-quality services either. You want to get a price quote that is close to the average in your area.

Too Low or High 

A repair shop that offers low prices has likely cut down on a lot. They may hire workers that don’t have a lot of laptop repair experience. They may also use low-quality tools that can easily break things.

As for prices that are too high, know that businesses can charge whatever prices they want. This does not mean their services are worth the higher price.

Check the experience levels of their workers, the tools they use, etc. Then consider if their price is worth it.

Find the Average 

Online calculators can tell you the average price of laptop repair services in the area. Use one of these to find out your area’s average price. Then determine if the price of a laptop repair service is reasonable.

Get Recommendations 

You probably think that reading online reviews is the best way to get firsthand knowledge about a laptop repair service. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true. You’re better off speaking directly to people who have worked with a certain repair shop.

On Fake Reviews 

Fake reviews are unfortunately an epidemic. The FCC has tried to crack down on them, but the issue is very hard to control. Companies can make fake reviews or pay people to make fake reviews for them.

If you want to read reviews, carefully consider if the ones you’re reading are fake or not. Fake reviews are usually very short and often have spelling mistakes. Discount any fake reviews and focus on the real ones.

Chat With Locals  

Do you know a lot of people in the area? You can use this to your advantage when you’re looking for a laptop repair shop.

It’s likely that many of the locals you know have used a repair service. Bring up the fact that you need a repair service in conversation and ask for recommendations. Your friends, acquaintances, family members, etc., should be more than happy to recommend or not recommend services they’ve used.

Go Online 

If you don’t know a lot of locals, don’t worry. You can connect with a lot of them online. Just find a subgroup of your favorite social media sites that are themed around your local area.

Once you’re there, ask for some options for laptop repair shops. Some of the people in that subgroup should give you some recommendations.

Make a List

Collect a list of all the recommended repair shops you gather from these methods. When you search, go down the list.

Learn More About Technology 

Now you know how to select a laptop repair shop. You should be back to working, gaming, internet surfing, or whatever you do on your laptop soon.

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