How Much Are Celebrities Earning From Their Cannabis Brands?

With weed and cannabis being legalized across different markets, a lot of people are using it. Since it has become so common in the United States, a lot of people often consider establishing a cannabis business as a lucrative opportunity. 

Well, a lot of celebrities have actually started to capitalize on these opportunities as they are constantly growing across different sectors. The industry folks are running behind establishing their own cannabis brands and growing in the industry. As the marijuana industry is growing, various celebrities who are establishing their business in this sector are calling themselves entrepreneurs. 

Who Are the Leading Celebrities Earning from Cannabis Brands?

As most of these celebrities voice or advocate for the legalization of marijuana, they have also gone to the lengths of establishing their cannabis businesses. Most of them are growing significantly across different sectors and also earning a lot from their cannabis brand like Exhale Wellness. You can visit this website here.

So, here are some of the most popular celebrities who are earning significantly from their cannabis brands:

  • Snoop Dogg

One of the strongest advocates for the use of weed and cannabis has to be Snoop Dogg. He is often renowned as an open weed smoker. Even before weed was legalized in the market, Snoop had been smoking weed. 

However, once it was legalized in the United States, the global rap icon took a step further as he launched his own cannabis company. He launched his own cannabis company, Leafs by Snoop, in 2015 with the cofounder Tweed. 

Tweed is the subsidiary of the Canadian cannabis corporation, Canopy Growth. In today’s time, Canopy Growth distributes all the products of Leafs by Snoop. Well, Leafs by Snoop deals with a wide range of products like concentrates, cannabis flower and different edibles. You can find the products of Leafs by Snoop in Canada and the United States. 

  • Martha Stewart

It would be quite surprising for many to find out that Martha Stewart owns a cannabis brand. Well, she does, and it is growing quite well. Martha also partnered with Canopy Growth to promote her CBD products. 

Although Martha had many feathers to her cap, she decided to increase one more with her cannabis brand business. Her cannabis brand deals with a gourmet line of CBD oil, premium gummies, and soft gels. Moreover, Martha’s cannabis business also has CBD products for pets. 

Martha’s CBD business is completely derived from natural hemp. In one of her articles on her website, she agreed that her CBD business was more than just earning money. Instead, she aims at promoting health and wellness from the use of CBD products. One of the most unique selling points of Martha’s business is that most of her gummy recipes are completely derived from what is grown in her personal garden. 

  • Chelsea Handler

If you’ve been keeping a tab of the cannabis market, you’re probably aware of NorCal Cannabis. Well, for those who don’t know, NorCal Cannabis is one of the largest operators of cannabis in California. They partnered with activist Chelsea Handler to launch three specific lines of vapes. 

NorCal Cannabis and Chelsea’s partnership also led to the formation of one edible brand. Chelsea Handler is one of the most popular and well-known supporters of cannabis legalization. Unlike many of her counterparts, Chelsea currently aims at using her cannabis business for promoting sisterhood and also educating individuals about the benefits of cannabis. 

Chelsea Handler

In one of the articles on NorCal’s website, the comedian shared her personal experience with weed usage, which led her to become a part of the industry. Sharing her experience with cannabis, she stated that it helped her go through some of the hardest times of her life while also getting off sleeping pills. 

  • Kristen Bell

Another very popular celebrity who owns a cannabis brand is none other than Kristen Bell. Kristen Bell partnered with Lord Jones, one of the renowned industry leaders, to launch her own CBD-infused skincare line. 

The product that they launched, they named it Happy Dance, signifying how happy they were to create the product. In one of the interviews, Bell said that she had been using Lord Jones products for a long time before actually deciding to invest in her own life. 

Talking about her experience with Lord Jones, Bell admitted that the consistency and quality of products led her to invest. All the CBD-infused skin care products by Kristen Bell and Lord Jones are derived from natural hemp. Moreover, Bell is making consistent and constant efforts to ensure that the price is affordable so that everyone can access it. 

  • Mike Tyson

In recent years Mike Tyson has become very open about a particular substance that irked his career. He admitted that it was marijuana that helped him overcome that issue and eventually resume his normal life. 

Contrary to popular belief, Mike Tyson believes that the use of CBD can help one overcome opiate addiction. As his relationship with CBD strengthened, Mike Tyson eventually went on to launch Tyson Ranch. 

Mike Tyson

Tyson Ranch deals with packaging and licensing flowers from popular and reputed growers, thereby ensuring that all products are of the highest quality. Apart from packaging, Tyson Ranch also aims to educate people about cannabis and its medical benefits. In many of his interviews, Mike Tyson has said that through Tyson Ranch he aims at helping people find peace in using marijuana just like he did. 

Final Thoughts

Over the years, as marijuana became legalized, a lot of people admitted to using it for recreational and medicinal benefits. Well, the celebrities are there on the list too. Most of these celebrities eventually enjoyed the benefits and then turned to launching their cannabis business. 

The cannabis business has, therefore, helped a lot of individuals earn a significant amount of money, thereby increasing their net worth. These celebrities only offer premium quality and high quality products. However, it is important that before you start using any of it, you reach out to the respective individuals, especially professionals so that you can use marijuana and cannabis safely.