Great Late Night Vibes Songs

Music is an important part of everyday life for so many reasons. It helps us connect to our emotions, can put us in the right headspace, and is the perfect addition to a low-key dinner or a full-out party. The type of music you choose throughout your day can make sense of how you’re feeling or can change the mood in any public space.

When it comes to our evenings and late nights, the right song can influence how you feel and how well you sleep. These songs, in particular, have a chill vibe that can be added to any playlist — whether you’re having friends over or just looking to unwind on your own.

Check out these great musical late-night vibes.

Crystal Ball by Lila Drew

One of the best parts about creating or finding a playlist is discovering up-and-coming talent like newcomer Lila Drew. Drew released her first full-length album, All the Places I Could Be, at just 22 years old and has since gone on to tour the album.

Her song Crystal Ball is a great introduction to this budding artist. Its soft acoustic introduction feels reminiscent of Swedish singer-songwriter José González’s signature style. With echoing harmonies and delicate vocals, the song is introspective and heartbreaking — reminiscing on a breakup, which is a relatable experience felt by most.

Magnificent by Oh Wonder

You may recognize Lila Drew’s vocals from her tour with this next band, Oh Wonder, where she was an opening act. Oh Wonder’s 2022 album, 22 Make, features a collection of songs that could fit into your late-night playlist, but one, in particular, stands out — “Magnificent.”

The single “Magnificent” is considered by many to be the band’s most intimate music to date and was inspired by some of their most unsteady times where they almost broke up during the pandemic, but ultimately, came out on the other side stronger. The song features gentle harmonies, acoustic riffs, and just enough synth to give it a cool indie edge while still keeping its romantic nature.

Calico by Ryan Beaty

Singer-songwriter Ryan Beaty first caught ears with his 2018 debut album, Boy in Jeans, and has since gone on to release more captivating music, like his 2023 single “Calico.”

Calico feels both personal and relatable for the masses. The reverb and strings in the song give it a cool complexity that feels very appropriate for a late-night vibes playlist.

In My Veins by Andrew Belle

When you think of late-night vibes, songs about love and longing often come to mind. That’s why Andrew Belle’s song “In My Veins” is on this list. The song centers around a breakup that took a toll on one person in a profound way. As the lyrics say, “You’re in my veins, and I cannot get you out.”

The song’s acoustic backdrop, grander piano-driven chorus, and Belle’s soft-yet-raspy vocals are the perfect addition to any chill playlist.