From Skeptic to Advocate: A Personal Journey with CBD Vape Pens

With usual smoking causing much disapproval in public places and tons of scientific articles focusing on the long-term lung problems related to smoking, the global community is yet to embrace a new trend – vaping.

This innovative type of smoking also involves inhaling a specific substance and exhaling the smoke, which may be physically and emotionally indulging. However, vaping follows a different mechanism of smoke formation; no substances are burnt to produce smooth, thick clouds. Instead of lighting anything up and inhaling the byproducts of combustion, users only inhale the vapor of evaporated vaping juice or liquid. It evaporates pretty easily and quickly due to the specific content, so vapers only need to press one button, take a breath, and enjoy the thick, aromatic smoke release.

Overall, vaping is just at the start of its development, and it has to go a long path until clinical findings prove whether it’s healthier than regular smoking or carries novel health risks and lung disease hazards. One thing is for sure: many people who used to be skeptical about vapes are now adopting this routine, and CBD users are not an exception. The CBD market is quickly expanding, and users can shop CBD vape pens to try CBD out in a variety of formats, including vape pens and cartridges. So, here we deal with CBD vaping and explain what makes people stick to this consumption mode.

What Is a Vaping Device? 

The technology of vaping is pretty simple. The device contains a tank with vaping liquid – a special substance containing e-liquid with propylene glycol, nicotine, flavorings, etc. That liquid is specifically designed to evaporate at a low temperature. Another part of the device is a battery that heats the e-liquid to the needed temperature so that it produces thick smoke. Some devices contain e-liquid with nicotine, while others are nicotine-free and come with CBD extract.

What Is a Vaping Device

Benefits of Vaping Devices You May Enjoy Right Now 

So, why would a regular CBD user want to try CBD vapes out? What benefits does this mode of consumption promise to users? Here are a couple of considerations people often cite as their motivation for CBD vaping.


The first notable advantage of using CBD in the form of vaping is that vaping pens are discreet and small in size. They can fit any pocket or small bag; you may take the device out, take a couple of puffs, and put it back without anybody knowing you’ve just consumed CBD. Besides, with vapes being commonplace now, nobody will guess it’s a CBD device, not a regular vaping pen.

Mainstream Trend 

Vapes are everywhere, with millions of people using them for nicotine, CBD, or simply to make smoky clouds. Some vaping devices come with zero nicotine and no therapeutic substances, with people using them to transition from smoking to non-smoking. However, a person with a vaping pen in their hand doesn’t attract any unnecessary attention anymore; it looks much more normal than a person eating gummies or putting some CBD oil under their tongue with a dropper.


Disposable vaping pens (the ones you use once and then throw in the trash bin) are cheap and affordable. You can get one from a reputable brand for under $10, which makes your acquaintance with CBD cost-effective. Even if you don’t like the flavor or the CBD effect overall, you won’t spend a fortune on a pack of useless products you don’t need.


Vaping devices are simple to use; a user only needs to press one button to activate the battery, which acts as an atomizer. This atomizer makes the e-liquid evaporate during inhaling, and as a result, the user enjoys the thick smoke in seconds.


The CBD vaping market is full of various products that can satisfy even the pickiest consumer. Dozens of mouth-watering flavors, elegance and esthetic appeal of vaping devices, variety of concentrations for the best CBD effects – all this abundance fits the most refined tastes and preferences of vapers.

Immediacy of Effects 

The greatest perk of CBD vaping is the high level of its bioavailability. Once you inhale the CBD-infused smoke, you can feel the tangible pain and stress relief in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. The fast absorption of any substance in the human lungs explains this speed of effects. Therefore, vaping is definitely your piece of cake if you feel acute stress or want immediate relief.

CBD and Health Benefits 

Now, let’s briefly revisit the health benefits that CBD can give you in case of regular use. Though some skeptics are still unsure about CBD’s uses for health and wellness, there’s mounting evidence of CBD’s considerable advantages. Clinical studies are also rising in number to show that CBD can help with many chronic conditions and deliver much-needed relief for conditions that people typically address with expensive and addictive painkillers and antidepressants.

CBD can help with the following: 

  • Stress and anxiety relief. CBD is known to bind with serotonin receptors – the most important mechanism in the human brain responsible for mood and behavior. Thus, CBD can improve and stabilize the user’s mood, alleviate stress, and melt anxieties. This is why CBD use is popular in patients with social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, and even PTSD.
  • Sleep regulation. The fun side of using CBD is that it can both invigorate and sedate the user; it all depends on the dose. CBD in small doses acts as a stimulant, while CBD in high doses is a soothing remedy. Thus, CBD use before bedtime is a good way to improve the quality and duration of sleep, helping users feel better in the morning.
  • Better alertness. Those who lack energy and need a booster can use small doses of CBD to feel more alert. In small doses, CBD also benefits focus and attention, which is great for intellectual work.
  • Pain relief. CBD vaping is an optimal remedy for people suffering from acute or chronic pain. It can bring fast and pronounced pain relief by acting immediately on the receptors.

Vaping Is on the Rise; Time to Ride the Wave 

As you can see, vaping is growing in use because of the convenience, ease, and bioavailability it offers. Thus, CBD vaping is here to stay for sure, even with a lack of clinical studies and a poor understanding of this practice’s safety. Our tip is to choose CBD vaping pens from reputable providers, check the label and the CoA for content safety, and avoid overdosing by all means. As for the rest, let’s keep pace with clinical studies to see what long-term vaping comes with.

This material is a product of Denys Svirepchuk’s research. Denys is an avid cannabis industry advocate, cannabis technology researcher, and blogger at AskGrowers. He is passionate about the promise of this market for different consumer categories, so he works on research and user education to bring CBD closer to people.