Finding Big Wins in Online Roulette

The clatter of the ball rattling around the wheel, the anticipation building as it loses momentum – this is the thrill that has attracted gamblers to roulette for over 200 years. While the origins of this iconic casino game are rooted in the smoky gaming rooms of 18th century Europe, the rise of online casinos has now made roulette accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

As you set up with your laptop, tablet, or even smartphone, you may be playing in your pajamas at the Ruby Fortune online casino, but you’re connected to a rich heritage. Before you place your chips on virtual felt, let’s spin through some of the captivating history of the game.

Game of Chance Emerges in France and Germany

Roulette – meaning “little wheel” in French – evolved out of various wheel games played for centuries. One precursor was a 17th century English spinning wheel game called Roly Poly. However, the roulette wheel itself developed later around 1796 in France and the nearby German states.

Gambling was illegal at the time, so early roulette wheels popped up in hidden backrooms of inns and taverns. The layout was slightly different in the early days, but the basic concept aligned to modern American roulette – a croupier spins a wheel with numbered pockets and players bet on where they think the ball will land.

As the game moved out of the shadows and into 19th century casinos, the iconic single-zero European wheel took hold, along with such familiar features as the betting layout and the role of the croupier.

From Monte Carlo to Your Mobile Screen

For much of the late 1800s, casino gambling was restricted in most of Europe. But along the French Riviera, the tiny principality of Monaco had no such prohibitions. When the Monte Carlo casino opened its doors in 1856, it featured a roulette wheel center stage.

With the rise of luxury tourism, roulette and Monte Carlo became indelibly linked as the game grew in popularity around the world. Travelers returning home brought a fascination with roulette to America, Asia, and beyond.

Over the past 20 years, online casinos have built on roulette’s rich history to deliver the authentic experience direct to your desktop or mobile. The classic game has successfully made the leap to the digital world.

Accessible Gameplay for Beginners

One reason for roulette’s enduring appeal is its simplicity relative to many other casino offerings – the basic gameplay is easy to pick up.

The key elements:

  • The wheel – Numbered slots from 1-36 alternate between red and black, plus there are green 0 and sometimes 00 pockets.
  • The betting layout – Players can place a wide range of bets on numbers, colors, odd/even, columns, dozens, and more.
  • Inside vs Outside Bets – Wagers in the numbered grid are “inside bets” with higher payouts but less chance of winning. The options circling the grid are “outside bets.”

When first getting started, outside bets like Odd/Even or Red/Black offer beginners good odds and a great introduction to the rhythms of gameplay – what numbers roll “hot and cold,” when to ride a winning bet, and when to pull back.

Understanding the Odds

While roulette involves ample excitement and tension, players should understand it is purely a game of chance – every spin on an honest wheel is independent of the last. But the odds vary widely across the types of permitted bets:

Inside Bets:

  • Straight Up – Single number – Pays 35:1 but just a 2.70% win probability
  • Split – Between two adjoining numbers – Pays 17:1 but 5.4% win probability

Outside Bets:

  • Red/Black – Pays even money but 48.65% win probability
  • Odd/Even – Also even money but 48.65% win probability
  • 1-18/19-36 – Pays even money but over 50% win probability

So while that tempting single number offers a big 35:1 payday, your odds of winning are slim. The outside bets have much better odds in exchange for smaller payouts. Understanding these odds are key to a good roulette strategy.

Betting Systems

Can smart betting systems help overcome the odds and bring you roulette wins? Players have devised a wide variety of progressive betting methods over the years. But with each spin remaining random, no system can impact your statistical chances.

That said, some players do swear by betting systems as useful for bankroll management. The Martingale system, for example, involves doubling bets after each loss which can help recoup money. The Fibonacci system has players increase bets in a specific progression after losses.

Yet despite such systems, the house still holds an edge in roulette over the long run. The appeal is trying to ride occasional winning streaks amidst the swings of fortune. Just beware that progressive betting also risks bigger losses during cold streaks.

Top Tips from Seasoned Players

While roulette revolves around the rotation of the wheel, there are still some best practices that can boost enjoyment of the game and your bankroll.

  1. Set betting limits – Decide the maximum you want to wager over your roulette session and divvy that into even bets. Remember that cold streaks happen.
  2. Start with outside bets – As mentioned earlier, options like Odd/Even and Red/Black offer beginners the best odds until they learn other facets of the game.
  3. Study the history – Numbered slots aren’t totally random on each wheel over time, so paying attention to trends in what hits can be helpful when considering inside bets.
  4. Practice online first – Free play options at online casinos let players learn the flows of gameplay without any financial risk.
  5. Have fun! – At the end of the day, roulette is meant to thrill and entertain. The excitement it has sparked for over 200 years continues to drive the popularity today. Not all bets need to be strategic – sometimes just enjoying the spin itself is the reward.

Roulette Past and Present

From its origins in back rooms and taverns to today’s online casinos, roulette has come a long way while retaining its vintage spirit. There is still nothing quite like that rotating wheel – the representation of fortune’s unpredictability – and the tension as the ball drops toward its final destination.

In an age of high tech slots and card games, roulette endures as an old-school experience, linking us to those early players. One can imagine their astonishment that anyone today with a phone now has access to the same timeless thrill of the spin.

So whether you are betting the inside or the outside, riding a winning wave or just playing for kicks, roulette continues to deliver excitement. The game remains fresh while carrying the weight of history. And that winning number is still one spin away.