Essential Items for Your Next Pool Party

There is nothing quite as fun and playful as a pool party. Having all your friends show up ready to play in the water and sun will bring you back to the days of childhood pool parties. There’s just something nostalgic about it! If we’ve inspired you to throw your own pool party, here are some of the essential items that you will need to get started.

A Location

Obviously, you need to have a pool to throw a pool party, but you don’t necessarily need to have one in your backyard. If you are dying to throw a pool party, but you don’t have access to a pool, look around your area for pools that are open to the public, or that offer daily admission. You will have to check for rules and regulations before throwing a party at a public pool, but it can be a great option if you don’t have a pool but still want to get in on the fun.

Pool Accessories

You can’t throw a pool party without pool floats. Pool floats are not just your standard lounge chair or noodle anymore. Nowadays you can get pool floats shaped like just about anything and in just about any size. Choose a few floats that match the theme of your pool party or just go for whichever ones will look best in your Instagram pictures. Or, if your pool is large enough, invest in a multi-person raft that you and your friends can all relax on together. You can even find floating beer pong tables to really get the party going. No matter which shapes you choose, pool floats are essential so don’t skip out on this step.

Bluetooth Speaker

A pool party isn’t complete without a way to play some good music to set the mood. Make sure you have a wide-range water-proof speaker that can hold a long charge or is battery operated. The last thing you want is to have to recharge your source of music halfway through the party. Any high-quality Bluetooth speaker will work but you can also find speakers that are specifically meant to go outdoors. You can even find speakers cleverly disguised as rocks to help them blend seamlessly into your pool area.

Extra Towels

While it is normal to ask your guests to bring their own towels, if you are having more guests then you have towels for, it is good hostess etiquette to have extra on hand. Make sure you have enough clean towels ready to go for anyone who forgets to bring their own, or for anyone whose towel gets wet or dirty.


Sunscreen is non-negotiable. Your guests may come with sunscreen already applied, but a long day in and out of the pool means that you will have to reapply a few times. Make sure to provide your guests with a few different sunscreen options. Get spray and lotion options and choose a few different SPF levels. Also make sure you provide a facial sunscreen as well.

Products for Clear Skin

If you struggle with body acne, you are certainly not alone. Many people are prone to breaking out on their chests or backs. While this is easily concealed by most clothing, some people can become self-conscious when putting on a bathing suit and baring it all. Before you have to put on a bathing suit next time, try out these probiotics for clear skin. These probiotics help to balance the skin’s microbiome by reducing the amount of breakouts while also improving the appearance of pores, redness and dryness.


Pool party fashion is not something you should skip out on. Pairing the perfect bathing suit with a matching coverup and a trendy pair of sunglasses is part of the fun! Don’t forget the guys too as a pool party calls for some stylish tank tops for men, a coordinating pair of boardshorts and an awesome hat.

Bathing Suit Bags

This one may not be necessarily essential, but it will win you major points with your guests. For any pool goers that don’t want to wear their wet bathing suit home, provide a bag for them to put their wet bathing suit in for the journey home. You can purchase bags that are specifically for this purpose and are usually made out of a wetsuit material. Or you can keep it simple and provide plastic bags. Either way your guests will thank you.


When it comes to beverages, you will want to have a few different options on hand for your guests. The best way to do this is by stocking a few different coolers with different drink options. Designate one for water, another for alcoholic canned beverages, and another for non-alcoholic beverages. A cooler is the best way to make sure that your guests have easy access to drinks throughout the entire party.

Snacks or Meals

A long day in the water and sun can really work up an appetite. This is why you are going to want to make sure that you are providing snacks for your guests throughout the day. You can keep it simple by putting out a table full of finger foods or take it up a notch by meal prepping a few apps and sides ahead of time. If you plan to do a full out meal, make sure you have your grill ready to go. No true summer party is complete without an end of day cook-out. If you are on the market for your perfect grill, check out Weber for some great options.

Ready to Party!

Consult with this list of essentials before you decide to embark on hosting your next pool party. What we’ve listed out here are our essentials, but don’t hesitate to go the extra mile and provide anything specific that you think your friends would like. You know them best so keep them in mind while party planning. Good luck, and get ready to party!