Essay Writing for Different Subjects: Tailoring Your Approach for Success

When writing essays, the amount of time you spend preparing will influence the end result. You need to do research, organize your ideas, and write an outline. The outline will act as your guide when writing the essay. It will ensure that you structure your essay well and your arguments flow logically. The following information will help you to tailor your approach when writing essays for different subjects.

Student essay writing preparation

To start with you will need to clearly understand the essay topic. Start by underlining the main action words in it. Do you need to explain, persuade, discuss, or describe? This helps you to identify what type of essay you need to write. When you fully understand the topic it will guide your research.

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Essay writing research

When doing your research, try to concentrate on material directly relevant to the assignment. If you have access to an online university library it helps to type in keywords that relate to your essay topic. You can quickly start identifying relevant sources. Keep details of your sources to use in your citations and reference section.

Knowing what research has already been done about a topic helps you to start thinking about what you want to write. It helps to group your ideas, opinions, and arguments. Engage with the material by asking questions and challenging your preconceptions.

Writing an outline

Look over any information and ideas from your research and consider a central point you want to make. Once you have an idea of your overall argument it will help you to arrange your ideas.

Your essay will consist of an introduction, body, and conclusion. When writing the body outline you need to identify your main ideas and allocate a paragraph for each one. Write a summary sentence or phrase for each idea. You can create sub-points where you need to give more details. Think about whether there is a logical starting point and whether one idea offers an easy transition to another.

Essay writing for students

When writing your essay, you can follow your outline as a guide. Write the draft of the body before you write your introduction and conclusion. This helps you to figure out what to include.

Your introduction: The introduction will give a reader context, state the central argument of your essay, and give them a reason to keep reading.

The body of your essay: In the body, you will express your argument in the form of paragraphs. The number of paragraphs you write will depend on word limits and the complexity of the topic. As stated above, each paragraph should focus on one main idea and start with a topic sentence. You will follow this with evidence to support the idea.

Your conclusion: The conclusion will restate your central argument and summarize the main supporting evidence. Readers should understand the importance of the topic and you should finish with a strong closing statement.

How to edit an essay

After spending hours planning, researching, and writing your first draft, you may feel reluctant to start editing. It can help to give your essay a little time to ‘breathe’ before you start editing. This requires starting your essay well in advance of the due date.

It can help to focus on one single aspect first, such as spelling. Then you could look out for word repetition. After this, you could focus on your grammar and sentence construction. Lastly, you could check the content of each paragraph. Make sure the main point is clear and each point builds upon the previous one. Reading the essay aloud can help you to identify issues you need to work on.


When you use the above method for essay writing, it won’t matter what subject you have to write about. Proper preparation is the key to writing a good essay. This involves understanding the topic, doing relevant research, and creating a strong outline. Following that outline as a guide ensures that your essay is well-structured and each paragraph builds your argument.

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