Does Your Baby Need Hypoallergenic Formula?

The modern world of medicine and science made a huge step forward in providing health and well-being for babies. One of the main aspects of newborn care is balanced nutrition, which has a crucial role in their physical and psychological development. Moreover, in the modern world, the risk of allergies is much bigger than before. That is why, for children prone to allergic reactions, there is a need for hypoallergenic formulas, which will provide their proper growth and development. 

The history of pop culture: allergies and their reflection

Given the urgency of the problem of allergies in the modern world and society, this theme is widely presented in pop culture. Movies, series, and advertisement campaigns regularly face issues of allergic reactions and methods of their prevention. Over time, allergies have become an essential topic in literature and cinema. Stories about characters with allergies help emphasize their vulnerability and personal traits. Moreover, allergies are sometimes used as a subject for humor in Internet memes and comedy shows. They can embody typical situations faced by people with allergies, such as finding allergens in ingredients, interacting with the wrong restaurant, or inconveniences at celebrations. This shows the close attention of society to children and grownups’ health and nutrition. 

What is the hypoallergenic formula, and when is it necessary?

A variety of symptoms can manifest allergies:

  • skin rashes
  • dizziness
  • rheumatism
  • and sometimes even severe respiratory and digestive problems 

In such cases, HA milk formula can be an indispensable tool to ensure the baby’s health. Hypoallergenic formula is specially designed for babies prone to allergic reactions or food intolerances to certain ingredients of baby foods. Additionally, it helps to reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

What should parents know about HA infant formula?

To begin with, there are four basic types of baby formula: milk-based, soy-based, amino acid, and extensively or partially hydrolyzed. Most of the time, when an infant is not breastfed, the milk-based formula is the standard one as it consists of milk proteins and is a good choice for babies who do not show any signs of allergic reaction. Extensively or partially hydrolyzed formulas are often marked as hypoallergenic formulas. It is because of the production process of such formulas that the milk proteins in these formulas have been reduced to smaller molecules. And milk proteins can be the main cause of a baby’s allergic reaction to the formula. Nevertheless, not all babies can digest even these types of formula without any allergic reaction. Parents should search for the best hypoallergenic formula for infants and use it to prevent allergic reactions. 

Today the European market offers a great variety of hypoallergenic formulas for infants. The HiPP offers HA formulas both in German and Dutch. The only difference is the packaging: the German version provides a 600g package, and the Dutch one provides an 800g package. HiPP offers HA formulas for different stages. As a result, the infants can be provided with proper non-allergenic nutrition for 0 months. Feel free of the HA formula. It is enriched with nutrients, fatty acids, DHA and ARA, vitamins, and minerals. It will provide an infant with proper growth and development. Moreover, according to strict EU standards, these formulas do not contain sugar and GMOs. 

So, what else should you know while choosing the HA formula? It is crucial to understand whether the baby has an allergy or sensitivity. It is always better to consult the pediatrician to define whether the baby has a milk protein allergy, lactose intolerance, or a sensitive stomach. Also, keep in mind the baby’s needs for different ages. For example, the baby can overgrow the allergy. It is crucial to monitor the baby’s nutritional behavior and health till the age of 1 year. The situation might change, and the baby does not need the hypoallergenic formula after the PRE stage or Stage 1. 

Final words

The choice of infant formula is the most critical factor in ensuring the health and development of your baby. This issue becomes much more complicated if the baby needs a hypoallergenic formula. 

A large number of specialized infant formula options are helping parents around the world solve this problem. 

Organic hypoallergenic formulas are rapidly leading the way in this product segment. HiPP brand is considered one of the best offerings in the field of HA formulas. 

In case of signs of allergy, parents should always seek the advice of a pediatrician because any change in the baby’s diet requires additional control.