CS:GO Betting Markets – Which One to Choose?

The world of esports betting has undergone numerous transformations over the past few years. Originally, bookmakers were supporting the best in traditional sports only. With the popularization of esports, they started offering bets in this sector as well. Now we have an excellent range of bookmakers taking bets, and all standing next to each other trying to provide the best possible service.

Among all video games, Counter Strike 2 live has become a top gaming adventure. Its fans are getting a lot of opportunities to challenge their luck.

Betting Markets

Are you planning to bet on CS:GO? Do you need some help with the betting markets? Here are some brief guidelines:

Match Winner

Betting on a potential match winner is a classic option. The score, the type of victory, and the game duration don’t matter. All you focus on is a winning outcome. It is easy to place, but it doesn’t involve high winnings.

Match handicap

You focus on a team to win convincingly or to support an underdog to keep things equal. The handicap line is a fictional line established by the bookmaker. It is used to put the two teams closer together. For example, a game has three maps and a clear favourite to bet at -1.5. In a three map game, a score of 2-0 is required for a winning result.

The major reason for using the given market is the fact that people want to support a great favourite to win with a large score. If you think a team has a solid performance, you can use this line properly. For example, you can support them when winning comfortably and benefit from a more attractive price on your pick. You are free to add an additional element to the bet here. However, if you like your team to win strongly you should focus on getting a better price despite the possible risks.

Total maps

If you want to place an esports bet on a CS:GO tournament but don’t want to pick a potential winner then this betting market is perfect for you. The total maps market relies on the number of maps played in the contest. This is an over/under line that has a 2.5 line set for the games.

The given market needs you to find a deciding map to see a potential winner by the end of two maps. If you think a team wins with ease and the game is over in two maps then you should make support under 2.5. In the opposite situation, you can go all the way and get a deciding map by making support over 2.5.

The market concept may seem a bit weird but it actually quite easy to manage. There is no change of a draw, due to a straight two-way market nature. The main point is the presence of two or three map rounds in the tournament.

Individual Map Betting Markets

Being a professional bettor, you have the right to wager on individual maps. This way, you can narrow the game down to a smaller fraction for betting purposes. In fact, there are lots of ways to bet on this.

Map winner

Beginners often pick this market due to its simplicity. Well, it’s not as simple as a general match winner, but it is still easy to handle. There is a map that will receive a winner by the end of the round. You need to guess him. As you can guess, this market comes with more generous winnings. Betting on a map winner is available before the start of the early map rounds.

Map rounds handicap

Each tournament consists of separate rounds, each of which receives a winner coming with a certain result. The thing to bet on is the score of those rounds inside the map, along with a handicap line involved. Are you sure that the rounds will be closely fought? Do you think that someone comes out comfortably on top and receive the point with ease? This is a relatively complicated betting market. No wonder it is a popular choice among those who have an extensive experience in CS:GO.

Total rounds

Betting on CS:GO can have the total maps over/under for those betting on the overall game. Each map involves betting on the total number of rounds. This is a good opportunity for you to guess whether the game is over with the minimum number of maps or whether it requires a lot of time to process.

The two betting markets are available on the early maps. However, the game may last longer and take the later maps. In this case, the given markets are created and made available in play for those who consider betting activities.