Choosing the right products is critical to succeed on the Etsy platform

Etsy welcomes small retailers, most of who are trying to monetize their creative skills by using the online marketplace that has helped many people with innovative ideas to make a foray into business.  The biggest attraction of Etsy is that besides providing a platform where buyers and sellers meet, it does a lot to encourage retailers to get the best returns that motivate them to move ahead.

The environment of the Etsy platform is unlike other eCommerce platforms because it lacks the intense heat of competition while allowing small retailers the space and opportunity to get a quick toehold and look forward to more opportunities.  Also, the products sold on Etsy are different from the range of products sold across the eCommerce platforms. Etsy is a marketplace for artisans and craftsmen who produce handmade goods and are keen to sell vintage items.

Although the competition is less on Etsy than other eCommerce platforms and it is easy to start a business as there are almost no barriers to entry, there is no guarantee about profits. Ease of setting up shop on Etsy does not mean that it is a scheme that helps you get rich quickly. But the good thing is that you will start earning once you go with the flow and, in the process, learn how to make money on Etsy. If you are too ambitious about growing your business and set lofty goals, it might prove frustrating. Instead, start in a small way, learn the tricks of the trade and grow gradually so that you can steady the ship and cruise comfortably in your business venture.

Decide what to sell

Do not get carried away by the thought of setting up shop on Etsy in a blink. Yes, it is that easy to set up shop on Etsy, but you must select the products that sell well on the platform to start the business. Take advantage of the low completion on Etsy and do some research to choose products that have good selling prospects and match your idea of business. Choose your product from the range of top selling items like jewelry. Clothing, home and living items, electronics, crafts and supplies, bags and accessories, bath-ware are arts, etc. Handmade and home décor items are in good demand, as are also wedding essentials. You can enter into an arrangement with suppliers to source your products, or if you are an artist, designer, or craftsman, you might be producing it on your own.

Jewelry and craft supplies

Jewelry and craft supplies are the best-selling items on Etsy. Handmade jewelry holds a special place in the product listings on Etsy, and there is a growing demand for such items that help to create off-beat fashion with an ethnic touch.  Your product listing can include items like stones, gems, and beads used to make jewelry, and some tools that help put things together.  Your product listing should also contain supplies used by craftsmen like yarns, ribbons, crochet, miniatures, and knitting patterns. DIY craft kits are hot selling items on Etsy.

Personalized and handmade jewelry

Handmade jewelry tops the chart of all product listings on Etsy because of its increasing popularity among fashion creators who want to buck the trend of promoting traditional jewelry. As more and more people search for one of its kind jewelry pieces that can make them stand out from the crowd, the demand for personalized and hand-crafted earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and more keeps growing. Since jewelry pieces must be unique, there is always enough scope for creativity to produce new designs. Although the marketplace might appear saturated, you can make your presence felt with unique and attractive creations. The better you understand customer expectations, the higher will be the chances of success. Moreover, can be a great store to check if you are looking for an amazing collection of bracelets online.

Digital artwork

Etsy is an excellent place for artists to sell their creations as there is a rising demand for digital art. Artists and graphic designers can use their talent to create and sell small-scale prints, printable wall art, banners and labels for businesses, graphics and unique home décor, as well as inspirational and funny quotes.  The artists team up with printers to produce such items. The arrangement is such that the sellers’ artists need not worry about shipping as the printers fulfill the orders.


Printables include digital products that customers purchase online and then download and print on their own whenever they want to use them. From buying to printing, everything happens from the comfort of the home.  In this category, planners are in high demand. From fitness goal trackers to budget planners to meal planners neatly stuck on the fridge and social media content planners are selling well on Etsy.

As life becomes speedier, people want to stay more organized and save time, which pushes the demand for printable items.