Celebrities who love the casino

Casinos have been a popular place for people to spend their free time for centuries. And it turns out that even the biggest celebrities are fans of this corner of the entertainment industry as well. Looks like we’re not as different as we might think!

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While we don’t know what celebs get up to online, we have all the inside knowledge on what they do in their spare time outside of the house. Let’s take a look through which celebrities love visiting casinos.

Celebrities who love to play at casinos.

David Beckham

Someone you might not have expected to find on this list is David Beckham. The football player has retreated from the spotlight since he retired so we hear about him less and less. But it turns out that this might be due to him playing at casinos!

He has a preference for the roulette tables and has been spotted at the Venetian in Las Vegas on multiple occasions. He’s never there alone though, it turns out that his wife is just as big a fan as he is and they’ve been seen playing together many times.

Rumour has it that he won $40,000 back in 2015 but we don’t know whether this is his biggest win or not. We’re sure that he’s had many other wins, so we’ll keep our ears to the ground to find out more info for you.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon

One huge Hollywood star is a huge fan of the blackjack and poker tables and that is the one and only Matt Damon. Apparently, his love for the tables started when he was trying to learn all he could about casinos for his role in the film Rounders.

This led to him finding his own love for the casinos and has been playing ever since. He learned his skills from Johnny Chan – the professional poker player and one of the best in the world.

Damon has been upfront about his love for gaming from the outset and is even partial to playing in tournaments when he has the time. Keep an eye out for him if you’re ever in Las Vegas!

Ben Affleck

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are known to be besties, so it comes as no surprise that they both love to play at casinos. He’s well known in Las Vegas but has also been through a bit of drama there as well.

Apparently he was trying to beat the house by card counting – something that all casinos take very seriously. This ended with him being barred from lots of casinos in the gaming capital – we’re unsure if he’s since been let back in or not.

But Affleck’s skills are something to behold. He’s known to be amazing at poker, so much so that he has won the California State Poker Championship before. He’s definitely someone you don’t want to risk playing against.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson isn’t just a household name due to her acting career – she’s also well known for loving a game or two in the casino. Unsurprisingly, her career often takes her to Las Vegas where she can’t resist playing a game or two.

Apparently, Anderson favours roulette and even plays live roulette online occasionally. So, she’s one to look out for if you’re playing online too. Live roulette chat rooms are always fun but they’re a lot more exciting with a celebrity present!

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan (not to be confused with the actor Michael B Jordan) is one of the most famous basketball players in the world. But in his spare time, he loves to visit a casino. He’s renowned for being a fierce competitor, and that doesn’t change when he’s at the tables rather than on the court.

He’s had some huge wins on the courts but hasn’t always been as lucky when gaming at casinos. In fact, it even started to impact his career on the basketball court. He was once suspended from basketball because of his gaming issues. Jordan was betting on golf games whilst being in the NBA which was against the rules at the time.

Despite Jordan being a regular casino visitor, he’s had a couple of terrible losses on the tables too. He is reported to have lost $1.25 million at a casino in the early nineties. Apparently, it wasn’t even to dissuade him though! He still plays to this day. We’re guessing it wasn’t a significant enough a loss to deter him for long.

It’s not just everyday folks who love to visit casinos, celebrities love it too! Who would you like to be playing next to at a casino?