2010s Technology News In Review


The 2010s were not as impactful as the previous periods for technology, but there are a few technological breakthroughs that have been discovered or developed in this recent era. To know more about these advancements, here is a short timeline of the inventions and discoveries in the 2010s. 2010 By 2010, Apple … Read more

The Interesting History of Mr. Microphone

Logo of Ronco, the maker of the original Mr. Microphone

If you happen to watched television during the late 1970s and early 1980s, then there’s an average chance that you saw advertisements for the Ronco Company’s products. This is the company that first used television to sell products and send them by mail. The company made a killing during the ’70s and … Read more

The History of Cable TV in New York City

The History of Cable TV in New York City

Cable television had been around since the late 1940′s when someone figured out how to import over-the-air signals to non-receiving areas. Usually, this was behind a hill or mountain. In 1957, the first premium cable-movie service began in Oklahoma. In fact, between 1945 and 1960, the number of television sets in the … Read more