Retro Toys that You Can Still Buy and Play Today

Jenga blocks

There have been hundreds of toys that were produced and sold during the past decades like the 70s, 80s, and 90s. However, only a few are considered to be the most popular and memorable due to the quality of the toys or just their simple features and mechanics. Fortunately, if you once … Read more

Popular Toys of the 70s that Bring Nostalgia

group of friends playing UNO

The 1970s was an era full of hip and colorful fashion trends. The colorful themes of the 70s were also apparent in the toys that were released during that time period, as many toys would often come in different combinations of colors that would sometimes not even match well together, especially in … Read more

Learn About Coleco, A Former Giant in the Toy and Gaming Industry

Coleco Logo

There have been many companies that sold different kinds of toys in the 1980s, but only a few are considered to be successful at producing and selling high-quality toys that kids and teenagers enjoy. One of these successful companies is Coleco, which was founded in 1932 by a businessman named Maurice Greenberg. … Read more

The Best 90s TV Shows with Popular Toy Lines

The Animated Series Batman action figure

The 90s was filled with fun and exciting movies and TV shows that are made for kids and teenagers. Some of the best TV shows from the said era would even have popular toy lines, as the popularity of the shows allowed its producers and creators to sell merchandise that is guaranteed … Read more

The Best TV Shows Based on 80s Toys

He-Man action figure

There have been numerous TV shows in the 1980s that are now considered classics because of their quality and their timelessness. Some of these popular TV shows are animations that are specifically designed to be enjoyed by kids, and these shows would even have action figures so that kids would be able … Read more

Top Pop Culture Toys of the 2000s

yellow Furby toy

The 2000s was a time when almost everything was colorful, from pieces of furniture to fashion items. The toys that were invented and popularized in the 2000s were also quite colorful too, and the many colors that you will see in these toys are what made them very appealing to kids. To … Read more

Learn About Playskool the Pop Culture Toy Icon

Playskool logo

Hundreds of toy companies have been producing toys for kids, teenagers, and even adults for many years. While toys are generally played with for fun and excitement, there are some toys that are designed to be educational, which means that they can teach children basic skills that will help them perform specific … Read more

Learn About Mattel the Pop Culture Toy Icon

Mattel Logo

There have been many toy companies that have designed and produced some of the best toys in history, but only a few have stood the test of time and are still going strong because of how popular their toys are. One of these timeless companies is Mattel, which was founded in 1945 … Read more