Bra Fitting Challenges: Solutions for Narrow or Wide-Set Breasts

Purchasing bras can feel frustrating if you have wide-set, narrow or asymmetric breasts. It can be challenging to find the right cut to show off your assets. You have probably tried numerous bra types, possibly including the form 360 fit wireless bra, and found a few you like. These are some guidelines for finding the right bra fit for wide-set or narrow breasts.

Why Learn About Your Breast Shape

Not all breasts are the same shape. This means that the same bra will fit different people differently. While one bra may enhance small breasts, it may also make wide-set breasts look very different. To find the best bra for your silhouette, you need to understand your breast shape and the challenges associated with each. For example, wide-set breasts have significant space in the middle of them while narrow breasts may have little space between them and could be on the small side.

Find the Right Bra Size

The first step you should take when you search for the right bra is finding the proper bra size. If you haven’t had a professional measurement, consider stepping into a lingerie shop and getting one. You can also try on bras in your size to see how they fit, feel and look while you are there.

You can also take an online breast size quiz and measure yourself. Many websites have calculators where you insert the measurements you get. Start with your band size. Find a loose, fitted and tight measurement.

Then, measure over the largest part of your breasts and your nipples. Do so while you stand straight up. Then, bend at 90 degrees and lay down on your back. The calculator will give you your proper bra size.

T-Shirt Bras for Narrow Breasts

Narrow breasts tend to appear to face forward. The tissue appears to focus forward without much on the sides of your breasts or body. Narrow breasts can come in a variety of shapes, including teardrop, slender, relaxed and athletic.

If you have narrow breasts, you may find that a T-shirt bra fits best. While some t-shirt bras do not have linings, others have smooth, molded cups that give your breasts an appealing shape. These bras tend to be comfortable and soft. In addition to being versatile and nearly invisible under your clothing, these are some of the most comfortable bras you will find. They also even out your tissues if you need bras for uneven breasts.

Push-Up Bras for Wide-Set Breasts

Wide-set breasts sit on the side of your chest and may point outward. They also have significant space between your breasts. Wide-set breasts work well in push-up bras because they move the tissues back toward your breastbone. They also provide lift so your breasts look rounder. These bras shape and smooth your tissues as well.

If your bras are large, you may also appreciate an unlined minimizer that evens out your breast tissue. A perfect coverage bra also enhances your shape. Wired bras also work well because they give definition and lift.

Whether you need bras for a special occasion, specific tops and dresses or everyday wear, your breast shape is an important consideration. Once you have your proper size, you can learn more about bras for different shapes so you always look and feel great.