Biggest Plastic Surgery Moments In Pop Culture

Who among us doesn’t like to check out what celebrities are doing as far as plastic surgery is concerned? It might sound kind of strange, but there is a certain draw to seeing what our favorite celebrities are doing as far as how they appear. Here at the facialplasticsurgeryinstitute, you can check various options if you are planning to have a makeover. We hear from people all the time about how they saw the plastic surgery operation of a favorite celebrity and it inspired them to consider plastic surgery for themselves. Indeed, we think that this is a primary inspiration for people all over the world. This is why we want to look at some of the biggest plastic surgery moments in pop culture in recent memory.

Real Housewives Brings Plastic Surgery to the Forefront

Not everyone has always known about plastic surgery or how it is used. It is not something that was simply a part of the culture forever and always. Instead, it was brought to our attention in big part due to the Real Housewives series. This reality television show features people who certainly have plenty of plastic surgery done. They are also major celebrities in their own right, and that means that there are plenty of people who want to emulate these individuals. They frequently arrive asking about the potential to get certain types of plastic surgery done on themselves. We are always happy to work with them to figure out which types of surgery might work best for their needs. The more that we can do to make it easier for them to see themselves the way that they want to be seen, the better.

Heidi Montag has 10 Plastic Surgery Procedures in One Day

Star of the Hills show, Heidi Montag wants to keep up with her appearances. Thus, she famously had a total of 10 cosmetic procedures performed in a single day. This was something that certainly got the attention of celebrity magazines and much of the public in general. It seems that everyone just couldn’t get enough of the fact that a television star that they know and love might want to get something done for herself that could show off a certain look that she was going for.

As with anything, there were certain people who were critical of the celebrity right from the start. However, there were others who said that they completely understood why Montag might go through all of the trouble that she did to get a certain look. After all, the television and film industry is a challenging one to perform in year after year. It is great to know that there are people who can still pull it off and do so without breaking a sweat. However, much of the work of looking as good as these individuals do comes down to getting a little help from plastic surgery here and there. Again, there is nothing wrong with looking for a way to beat the pull of nature and try to look your best.

Joan Rivers, a Major Advocate for Plastic Surgery, Dies at 81

The much-beloved Joan Rivers died at age 81 and was mourned by many in the plastic surgery industry. The comedian was a great advocate for plastic surgery as she had plenty of plastic surgeries done on herself. She believed in the process, and many people say that she lived by the ideal that getting plastic surgery is something that should NOT be kept exclusive to just those who can afford it. She wanted to see a broader acceptance of these procedures, and she felt that it was necessary to get the word out that plastic surgery is a very acceptable and useful procedure for virtually everyone.

Caitlyn Jenner Appears on the Cover of Vanity Fair as a Transgender Woman

Famously, Caitlyn Jenner appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair in 2015 to come out as a transgender woman. She made a full transition to becoming a woman, and it was a groundbreaking moment both for the world of plastic surgery and for the trans rights movement all at the same time. It was the first time that many members of the public had any connection to a transgender person at all, and it was a very big deal that Jenner decided to take this public way of showing off who she was.

The movement has certainly helped others to come out as transgender and to have someone to look up to as far as the potential to get plastic surgery as well.

Caitlyn Jenner is certainly a controversial character with many people, but it is nice to know that someone like Caitlyn Jenner is out there advocating for both transgender rights and for those who wish to seek plastic surgery.

Meghan Merkle’s Nose Becomes the Envy of Many

Plenty of people who are looking to have plastic surgery done are interested in looking like someone that they have seen on television. This is certainly true for fans of Meghan Merkle. They say that she has an amazing nose that they would like to have as well. Some even choose to get plastic surgery to make it possible to have the kind of nose that Merkle does. If they can make this happen, then they believe that they will look exactly the way that they want to look, and that is the whole game that people are after when they say they want to have Meghan Merkle’s nose.