A Simple Guide to Polarized Running Shades

Running is a fun sport, and this is particularly true when you have the essential accessories. These may range from running shoes, socks, shorts, and sunglasses. Did I just say sunglasses? Of course! Most runners never imagine investing in sunglasses, and many end up hurting their eyes. Well, if you want better eye vision, you’re better off acquiring a pair of polarized running sunglasses.

 Are running sunglasses worth it?

A quality pair of running shades makes a big difference in the sport. They will enhance your comfort levels by avoiding glare. Also, they shield your face and eyes against harmful UV rays, which can ruin your eyes and cause infections.

 Running shades will keep bugs at bay and protect you against weather conditions like wind, dust, rain, and more. They will ensure the right color contrast, which helps avoid slips and injuries. What’s more, you will get them in different frame shapes and colors to enhance your look. And the best bit? You can now get affordable running sunglasses from most online stores.

 What are polarized running lenses?

 Polarized sunglasses have a filter that helps minimize glare. Glare bounces off objects like metal surfaces, water, or windows. Polarized sunglasses will filter the harsh light, thus ensuring enhanced vision during a run. They minimize the intensity of shining light, enabling you to see better. With polarized lenses, you’ll be less likely to experience squinting or eye strain and can run more miles.

Will polarized running sunglasses improve my eye health?

Polarized lenses offer optimal protection from intense UV rays during a run. They will help you maintain focus on the road and worry less about the harsh sun’s rays. This will offer protection against common eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t contract these diseases, but wearing polarized lenses will significantly reduce the risk.

When should I wear polarized lenses?

 Polarized shades benefit runners in myriad ways. They are excellent options when running on places with minimal variation in terrain. Such surfaces expose you to lots of UV rays, hence the need for optimal eye protection.

 Polarized lenses are handy in such situations since they are strong enough to guard your eyes against high levels of UV exposure. They are excellent choices for road runners but aren’t advisable for trail running. The reason? Such lenses offer a depth perception which increases your susceptibility to headaches.

 Also, there’s less sun exposure in the trails, and you can benefit from conventional running shades. The best places to use polarized lenses are;

  • Running over bridges
  • Beach or sandy runs
  • Running near rivers and other water bodies
  • Desert runs and marathons

Final thoughts

Nowadays, you can get the most advanced running shades in the market, thanks to technology. However, choosing the right devices can be a challenge, at least with the multiple options available. When shopping for polarized running shades, consider your running environment and choose sunglasses to match your needs. Also, seek tips from the store on how o bet care for your glasses.