A Newbies Guide to Slingo bingo

Bingo is a highly popular lottery game and one of the most high-profile games in the online gaming industry. If you have an experience in online gaming, you might have heard of Slingo Bingo and if you haven’t, now is the time to take a chance at it.

Slingo Bingo is an online game that has the best elements of a slot game and a traditional bingo game. It is the best of both. Not many are aware of the fact that Slingo has been around since the 1990s and it was discovered when there was no online gaming.

A businessman in New Jersey launched the game in 1996 on an AOL platform. It enjoyed huge success when players realised that it was fun to play and an exciting game. Today, online platforms have changed everything and it has become a real-money phenomenon.

Slingo bingo is under the license of The Slingo Originals studio which has several Slingo games and many versions of other slot games.

Guide for newbies starting out playing Slingo bingo

Slingo is an opportunity to play online with the classic bingo game and enjoy the best features of the classic slot machine. At the heart, it is a classic mix of slot and bingo games.

The game will have a grid of 5 x 5 and its slot reels are placed right below. You can play it much like a traditional bingo and the screen also looks very similar to the traditional bingo card game. In action, you will only have 1 space on the machine reel in a row and this will be visible below the screen.

Now, to begin, spin the reels and check the grid for the chosen numbers that are now showing on your reels. It’s like going through the bingo card with numbers being called out. Besides the numbers, the reels will also show extra symbols in the game and you need to watch out for them. They can help you win instant prizes and game bonuses.

Some of the symbols include Gold coin, Free spins, the Joker, and Super Joker. With the Joker, you can tick off any number from the grid and the free spin will give you one free spin, a gold coin means an instant prize money.

You will also be given fixed spins and they should be completed within a certain time limit. The game is a lot more than simply ticking the numbers off the grid. You need to be able to accumulate the game points to win.

With each spin, you will get a few game points and they will depend on the game flow. You get points when you clear a number line or clear all the numbers on your card.

Get the best experience while playing Slingo Bingo

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy the best experience when playing Slingo Bingo.

Buy your extra spins wisely 

A smart strategy is to buy the spins at the right time and there are no certain rules on when to buy, you must base your decision on the right time. Buy the spins depending on their cost, the amount of numbers you require to complete the game card, and the amount you could win. When you only need one or two numbers to complete the card, you might want to buy a spin but if you need too many, buying the spins might not be worthwhile. Consider the risk-reward ratio when buying.

Use the wilds carefully 

The wilds will give you a chance to cross off the numbers in the row right above where they land. If you choose the right number to eliminate from the card, it will make a big difference. Do not waste the wild since it is a chance to remove the number and move a step ahead.

Look for games with multipliers 

This is one strategy you should follow in all your Slingo games. No matter the game you are playing, the more added extras it has, the better it is for you. The multipliers give you a chance to cross off the numbers without having to buy new spins and it will also boost your prices and give you more for your money. While you cannot control this feature, it can be of great help and it is best to look for games that come with a few extras.

The final tip is to play responsibly. Game selection and cash management are a big part of Slingo Bingo but you also need to keep your emotions in control. Do not let the wins and losses cloud your judgement as you could end up making a big mistake. Use logic to make decisions and do not bet more than you can afford to lose.