A little about Aberrus the shadowed crucible

Famous Aberrus the shadowed crucible is the first raid Dragonflight. In total, this dungeon is inhabited by 9 bosses, and the plot is a continuation of the add-on itself, in which we will go to explore the secret laboratory Neltharion. Naturally, boosters could not get around the new raid either, because at the peak of popularity, you can earn good money. Let’s take a look at this dungeon, and also determine whether it is suitable for Aberrus the shadowed crucible heroic boost.

History of the dungeon

Not one thousand years ago, the keeper of the earth Neltharion got so carried away with experiments to change the world that he created a top-secret laboratory, the name of which is -Aberrus. The most insane experiments were carried out in it, for the secrets of which entire nations were ready to make the most cruel sacrifices. And now, after decades and centuries, the existence Aberrus was revealed. Naturally, this entailed a bloody confrontation of all and sundry. We must ensure that the secret knowledge of the mad scientist does not fall into the wrong hands.


As mentioned earlier, only danger there are 9 bosses. Each has its own unique style and requires an individual approach. Let’s figure out how to counter each of them.

Kazzara, The Hellforged

The first in a row, but not the last boss in terms of difficulty. The main catch in it is that it uses several abilities that become more and more difficult over time. Naive players can relax, which in the end will undoubtedly lead to fatal consequences. The trick of the battle is to kill the boss as soon as possible, as she limits the battlefield thanks to her rifts. If you play for time, you will find yourself in a tavern!

The Amalgamation Chamber

Here you are free to choose what this boss will be in a row. You can go to it right after Kazzara, or wait and choose someone else. Its complexity lies in the fact that at first you will have to deal with a fiery and shadow boss, and in the end they will merge into a third one, which will absorb the abilities of both sides.

The Forgotten Experiments

Boss lives up to his name. You will deal with failed experiments, very angry at the world. You will have to fight with three bosses at once, moreover, in a row. If you have fought beforeThe Amalgamation Chamber, then you will already be mentally prepared for this


Despite the funny name, this man can send you to a tavern in no time. The whole battle is to prevent him from accumulating enough energy, which will eventually lead to his maximum amplification and your quick and inglorious death.

Assault of the They started

As the name implies, this is the support of the main boss. The chip in the battle is that you will initially be exhausted in the battle with Magni, after which you will meet with fresh reinforcements.


Something like a battle withKazzara, The Hellforged, since the enemy throws traps, thereby narrowing the battlefield. It is also worth moving, otherwise the battle will turn into a real torment


The situation is similar to Rashok. You will have to dodge the lava pools, while trying to kill the boss before the full accumulation of energy. Otherwise – warm beer in a tavern, and this is worse than hellish torments

Echo of Neltharion

The penultimate boss, is an echo Neltharion. It requires special attention, because during all three stages it is able to send you to the tavern very quickly. Unpleasant, but you can live.

Scale Commander Sarkareth

The last and most difficult boss. Gradually improves his abilities, punishing times for the slightest mistake. Pain and suffering but good angry at the end, as well as the feeling of self-satisfaction from defeating the life-spoiling serpent.


Is it worth it heroic an aberration boost wasted time? Definitely! You can make a lot of money with a new events, because all the attention of the community WoW chained to it danju. Crowds of people want not only to pump, but also to get good equipment, as well as to see with their own eyes the greatness of an old secret laboratory. With the ability to easily stack mobs, will feel good frost mages. With proper skill, controlling opponents is not very difficult, so you can try different combinations.