7 Common Errors in Picking Solar Companies and How to Avoid Them

Solar panels are becoming the go-to option for people looking to invest in alternative energy sources. Panels last a long time, and once you finish manufacturing, don’t produce any carbon emissions. Reports show that they are so popular that they are making up 46% of all new energy production in the United States during 2023.

And if you want to install them on your home, you’ll need to find the right installer to handle the job.

Knowing what errors in picking solar companies to avoid is vital for getting a great solar installation. Below are seven common errors people make that ruin the solar installation experience.

1. Not Understanding Your Needs

Solar panels don’t function the same in every environment. They need good sun exposure to work at maximum efficiency. If you have trees blocking the sun or need to angle your panels in a bad direction, you may need to upgrade your installation to get more power.

You need to understand these things when buying solar panels. The company you hire should understand your power requirements and tell you what type of installation you need to meet those needs.

If you struggle to come up with requirements on your own, reach out to solar experts to get advice on the things to consider.

2. Not Checking for Licensing and Insurance

Solar contractors need the proper credentials to install solar panels. Each area has building codes that tell builders how to conduct themselves and handle construction.

Solar companies need to get certified in the areas they work in. They do this by having workers learn about the local area and getting licensed by the government. Make sure to look for a license before you hire a solar installer.

The same thing is true for insurance. You don’t want to be responsible for damages if an accident happens when someone is working on your roof. Installers should have insurance to cover any damages.

3. You Failed to Get Several Quotes

Many solar companies are available today to help homeowners get solar panels up and running. It may make sense to reach out to the first one you find and stick with them during the process. Although you’ll be fine much of the time, you shouldn’t go this route.

It pays to get quotes from several solar panel installers. You’re making a big purchase when you install solar. If you can save money and still get a quality installation done, it pays to spend a little extra time exploring your options.

Try to get three quotes at a minimum. Look at the service offered by each company when comparing solar installation costs. Pick the residential solar system installer that offers the most value.

4. Not Reading the Warranty

You should get a warranty for your solar installation in most situations. Installers and manufacturers offer them to reassure customers that they won’t have problems and will have help available if something goes wrong.

But some warranties are better than others. You don’t want to have coverage for a short time, only to see your installation fail shortly after that point.

Research the standard warranty lengths and coverage available for the typical solar installation. Read each warranty available to you to ensure you have proper coverage.

5. Failing to Consider Tax Credits

Your budget may play a role in deciding the size of the solar system you buy. You only have a certain amount of money available, so you get an installation smaller than you need.

But some people do this before looking at solar panel tax credits. There are many credits available from local and national governments to encourage people to buy solar.

Make sure to look at each of these to see how much you’ll get back on your tax return. Yes, you’ll still have to pay for the solar installation upfront. But if you have the cash and the tax credits to help you meet your budget, it can change the type of solar panels you buy.

6. Not Considering Installer Location

The location of a solar installer can make a difference in your solar installation experience. Yes, it’s true that many companies out there can do the job right. However, you must question whether they follow your local rules and will pass building inspections.

Because of this, it pays to work with a local installer. For instance, you want to find Dallas solar panels installers if you’re in that area. They will know the area and how to operate there.

It’s still fine to work with national companies. Just be sure they know your local rules and will meet all the building codes.

7. Avoiding Reviews

It’s essential not to take solar companies at their word when researching your options. You won’t hear all the negatives about a company when doing this.

Reading online reviews will help you get a better picture. People regularly leave reviews online about the companies they work with and whether or not they had good experiences.

Check these reviews for your solar installer options. Make sure your chosen company has no red flags indicating they offer lousy service.

Avoid Making Errors in Picking Solar Companies

Deciding to install solar panels can be an exciting time. You’re investing in a green energy source to help the environment and can see some monetary savings after some time. You may rush to find a solar installer to install your new panels as soon as possible.

However, you shouldn’t rush this process without doing the necessary research. There are many errors in picking solar companies that will lead you to make poor decisions and not get the solar installation you need. Avoid the problems above to ensure you make the right choice.

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