5 Mistakes to Avoid When Betting on the 2023-2024 NCAA Football Season

Betting for the 2023 NCAA football doesn’t only mean placing a bet in favor of your favorite team. You must also aim to succeed and profit from your wager. One way to do this is to avoid the common mistakes that most bettors make when betting on sports.

Even seasoned bettors can still make these mistakes, what more if you’re a newbie bettor. Therefore, whether you have been betting for a long time or if you’re just starting this hobby, you must know the common mistakes made when betting for the NCAAF and avoid them altogether.

We have listed below the five mistakes that most bettors make when wagering on the NCAAF so that you can try to avoid them.

Overlooking The Value

The number one mistake that NCAA Football bettors, or most bettors in general, make when betting is overlooking the value of their bets. You must remember that this mistake can affect your budget and profit.

The more you misunderstand the value of your bets, the chances of you getting a good result diminish drastically. You have to know that the most common misconception in betting is that if the FanDuel NCAAF Odds are high, the value is good, and if the odds are low, the value is bad.

But that’s not the case. This misconception starts because bettors think that higher odds give them good value because the payout is bigger, while low odds mean the payout is smaller. However, you must focus on figuring out the chances of your bet actually turning out to be a winning one.

It doesn’t matter how huge the payout of your bet will be. If you can’t win, then you’ll end up with nothing. You’ll get no profit and can’t take back the amount you wagered. To avoid this, you need to compare the value of a team to the value of their odds. Determine if your payout will be more significant than the risk you are about to take.

Wagering With Emotion

The next betting mistake most bettors make when wagering on the NCAAF is betting with their emotions over facts and data. This mistake is common among newbie bettors but can also be experienced by veteran bettors.

The reality of betting and the best strategy to win in the betting world is to bet with a clear head. Those who bet on their emotions will rarely win in the long term. Betting with a clear mind will allow the facts and data to enter your head and help you bet rationally.

That’s why having even the most basic strategy when betting on NCAA football is crucial, as it gives you direction and guidance on increasing your chance of winning. Note that bettors who employ strategy are more likely to win and profit than those who don’t use any.

Betting with your emotions can be normal, especially if you’re just starting in the betting scene. But you must control your emotions and master betting based on the facts and information you acquire.

Changing Bet Size

Money management is crucial when betting on NCAA games and any other sports. It’s one of the factors that increases your chance of success in sports betting. Some bettors alter their bet size according to how poorly or well they do in betting for the NCAAF.

Never be tempted to double your bet size, no matter how hot you are. You might have a winning streak for four consecutive bets, but that doesn’t guarantee that you will win the fifth or sixth time. You’ll only risk losing your winnings if you don’t resist the temptation. Be content and stay on your set bet size.

On the other hand, if you’re cold, avoid chasing losses and attempt to win back all the money you lost. Choosing losses is even considered the worst betting mistake a bettor can make. Instead, you must use a flat-betting approach. Flat betting is a sports betting style where you’ll bet the same amount for each game.

A flat-betting approach will help you properly manage your money and become a successful bettor.

Ignoring Other Betting Options

When betting on NCAA Football, there will be so many betting options that you will find. Most bettors tend only to choose one betting option over and over again and ignore the other options that they are offered.

Football is a sport that provides bettors with a long list of betting options. Don’t waste this opportunity and explore other betting options that you can utilize. The betting option that you’re going to choose will play a significant role in your betting success.

So, if you only know a bet or two, it’s highly recommended that you study all the other options offered when betting on NCAA football. This way, you’ll widen your knowledge and have more chances of winning.

Overreacting To Trends

This last mistake is more rampant on novice bettors. If a newbie bettor notices that a specific team looks great in their previous matches and has a winning streak, they automatically place their bet on that team.

Meanwhile, if they notice that a team isn’t winning in their last consecutive games, they tend to ignore that team and won’t place a wager in favor of them. But keep in mind that doing so is a huge mistake.

There is still no guarantee in sports. Even the best team can lose to the worst team if luck isn’t on their side. That’s why you need to stop relying on trends and consider luck alongside the facts and information you have.

Closing Thoughts

The mentioned mistakes aren’t the only mistakes bettors make when betting on NCAA football. More mistakes can be made, but the five mentioned are the major ones you must be aware of and avoid entirely. By doing so, you’ll increase your chance of success.