5 Casino Games That You Should Learn First

If you’re a casino newbie, you must consider what game you will be playing when going to the casino. However, we won’t blame you for being overwhelmed since there are a lot of games in the casino, and most of them can be too intimidating to see, let alone play. However, most casinos are very simple that even a beginner like you can learn in a single night.

From blackjack to roulette, there are a lot of casino games that you should consider learning first before going to the more complicated ones. That said, which of these casino games should you master first? Here are some of them.


The granddaddy of all casino games, slots. It’s not that slots are the oldest game in the casino; it’s just that every casino you’ll ever go to will have slots in them, and there’s a reason why. Slots are the main money maker of most casinos, which is why some casinos, especially the big ones, have an entire building floor filled with slot machines from corner to corner.

That said, how do you play this game? On the screen, symbols will spin around after you deposit your money and press the button or pull the lever. There are several specific combinations of symbols that you should aim for, and each of these combinations has its payouts. Of course, the largest payouts are if there’s only one symbol in a line. Usually, that’s called a jackpot. And that’s it. There’s no skill involved or whatsoever. The only decision you’ll make is how much money you want to bet on each pull.


Blackjack is arguably the most popular card game in most casinos. That said, if you want to experience what it feels like to sit on a card game table in the casino just like how you would sit on online table games in online casinos, then you should try out blackjack since it’s the easiest casino card game that involves both luck and skill. When we say skill, we mean better judgment since it involves making the right decision based on your hand.

So how is it played? Your aim in blackjack is to get as close as possible to the number 21 without going over. There will be multiple people playing in a single round of blackjack, but the only person you should have a better hand with is the dealer. We’re saying here that all you have to do is have a better hand than the dealer, and you win.


If you have watched at least a single James Bond movie, you probably have heard of roulette already. The game itself is easy as you must guess which slot the ball will fall into after the roulette wheel has stopped spinning. In this game, you can wager on many bets, like the colors of the slot, the number, odds or evens, etc.

However, the easiest bet to wager on is the color. The roulette wheel has only black and green, so if you bet on the color, you have a 50% chance of winning your bet. The only thing is that the payout isn’t that good if you’re looking to win big. That said, you can also bet on the number, which depending on what kind of roulette you’re playing, would be either 36 or 38. Since betting on the number is harder to predict, the payout is usually much bigger.


Baccarat is also a card game that is simple to learn, and the best part about it is that there’s usually profit to be earned in this game. You might think this game is only for elites because of the people wearing tuxedos playing at baccarat tables, trying to impress. It’s funny because baccarat is only the warm-up game for most veteran casino players.

Some veteran casino goers go to baccarat tables to take back their losses, but we digress. In this game, all you have to do is to pick between player, banker, and tie. The player and banker will be given cards, and the winner will decide which of them has the better hand.


Bingo is a fun game for which you don’t need to learn the rules. Bingo is just a glorified tic-tac-toe game. In this game, you’ll be given a card that says bingo with five random numbers under each letter.

Once the game starts, the speaker randomly picks a small puck from a bottle and bellows out the letter and number. If you see the combination of letter and number in your card, you cross it out. Once you get five of them in a row, then you win your game.

Final Words

These games are simple, fun, and exciting. They’re great for beginners, so if you’re a beginner who just wants to have fun on a Friday night playing casino games, then these are the games you should look out for. Despite being beginner-friendly, these games are very fun, which is why they are so popular even for veteran casino goers. That said, have fun.