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Technology News Timeline 1960-1969

1962 technology telstar


First Consumer Product Made Possible By The Transistor - The Pager Is Here!


1960Radio - thought to be dead - is making a comback - thanks to disc jockeys and music formats... Television plays an important role during the presidential race as debates between Vice President Richard Nixon and presidential hopeful Senator John F. Kennedy are broadcast in the fall... Wireless Microphones are here! Here's one from Sony "Superscope" for $250.00.

Stereo Record Player From 1960

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1961 - NBC-TV conducts a "color" day - where most of its daytime programming is produced and transmitted in color...  Also - RCA pushes "remote control" for color-TV... The FCC approves an FM radio stereo standard for tramsission and receiving. FM stereo is finally here,,, Punch cards for smaller businesses - a way for a computer to talk to another computer - are a reality and begin to get rolled out. It's a great idea for businesses. And, it can be done with a telephone and a card reader/transmitter.... Thanks to the (new) transistor radio - overall radio listening is up by 14%.  

RCA "Remote Control" For Color TV Video

Catchy Commercial For RCA Color-TV From 1961

1961 Technology Update From AT&T


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1962 - Transistors are showing up in table/clock radios - displacing their tube counterparts. As the decade continues - transistors will displace tube circuits in home radios, record players, stereos - and - television sets. At the Seattle World's Fair - call waiting and call-forwarding - along with push button phones are demonstrated at the Bell Pavilion. AT&T also demonstrates a cordless phone - installed at restaurant tables so customers can dial out. Also, demonstrated - a new device that allows you to get in touch with somebody - instantly - the pager. More here.  

Bellboy Pager Video

More 1962 -  Speaking of transistors - the Bell telephone system comes out with something called a "pager" and this one's called a "Bellboy" pager. Now - you can get a hold of anybody wearing these small devices. The device sends a loud tone -  and, the wearer is supposed to call you back via the nearest telephone... Telstar ushers in a new era of communication by way of man-made satellite.  

President Kennedy Press Conference Beamed By Telstar

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1963 - Push button telephones are being tested and will become a reality by next year. They lack he familiar rotary dial... Also - you can now get automatic dialing from Bell Telephone... TV viewing - six hours a day by the average viewer... Norelco has developed something called "cassette" for portable audio taping and listening. It's a direct competitor to smaller reel-to-reel tape decks. 

Pushbutton Telephone Demonstration From 1963

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1964 - NASA Satellite Relay II, built by RCA, relays live television programs over the Pacific for the first time “This is Japan Calling.” Unlike Telstar 1 or Telstar 2 - this one's in a stationary orbit... All manufactured television sets must now include all channels - VHF (2-13) and the new UHF dial - channels 14-83... A new kind of computer langauge debuts - BASIC... IBM has a new computer - the 360 mainframe (this really put IBM on the map) ..  Click Here For More 1964 Technology.

The IBM 360 - Revolutionized Computers


1965 By September - most of NBC-TV's prime-time programming is in color. A ratings survey says most who own color TV's (about 3 million now) - favor NBC-TV. (This will force CBS and ABC to have mostly color schedules beginning September of 1966)... Tape cartridges - 4-track and 8-track begin to make noise. Tapes and players are being marketed for cars and leading the way is Learjet and Muntz...

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All Three TV Networks (Primetime) Now Broadcast In Color

1966 - New York City is getting cable television (Click Here)...  AM transistor radios are everywhere - and, are responsible for a huge surge in top-40 radio listening... FM - a wasteland of AM duplication - or a place to find classical music - is changing. WOR-FM New York decides to play top-40 music... September 1966 - CBS and ABC join NBC with most (or all) of their prime-time programming in color..  Stereo Music Playback - an alternative to record albums is the reel-to-reel tape deck. Record companies now offer releases in the reel-to-reel format.

1966 Reel-To-Reel Stereo

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1967A new era in consmer batteries begins as P.R. Mallory begins to offer a longer lasting battery (the Duracell). Rival Eveready will soon follow with its Powercell (later renamed Energizer)... More stereo records are being released on albums and Electra Records (home of the Doors) -  says they'll release singles in stereo...  

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An Interesting Phonograph For Kids


1968 - RCA says it has developed liquid crystals that could eventually, make TV picture displays that hang on walls... FM radio is beginning to show some ratings activity - particularly in New York with top-40 WOR-FM. FM radio still has a long way to go... More and more color-TV's are sold. About 3 million this year. A big problem though, seems to be flesh tones of actors and actresses. By 1968 - the Kodak Instamatic - introduced in 1965 - was the most popular way to take photos/pictures for the average consumer...

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Most Popular Way To Take Pictures In 1968

1969 - The FCC authorizes cable television systems to originate their own programs and support them with paid commercials, allowing cable-TV to directly compete with over-the-air TV… Record companies begin to release record albums on cassette tape... As the decade ends - stereos and color-TV made tremendous headway as did the various tape formats such as cassette and cartridge. Also, transistors are quickly replacing tubes in home radios, stereos (not quite TV's - yet). Also - some cable-TV systems can offer as much as 25 channels with new technology. Cable business has picked-up in larger cities such as New York. Cable works best now for bringing in weak TV stations or out-of-town stations... Technology helps put the first man on the moon!...  Telephone operators are a big part of the telephone experience - especially if you want assistance - or don't want to dial direct long distance...  

1969 - The Telephone Operator From AT & T


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