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Dateline: Events/Headlines – Week Of June 15, 1972 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Sports, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts




In The News

Airline pilots begin a 24-hour worldwide strike to dramatize demands for tighter security against airborne hijackers.

President Nixon welcomes President Luis Echeverria Alvarez of Mexico to the White House as “a world leader of first rank… and a personal friend.”

President Nikolai V. Podgorny of the Soviet Union is on his way to an undisclosed mission to Hanoi. Meanwhile, the U.S. temporarily suspends bombing raids near Hanoi as a goodwill gesture toward the Soviet Union in respect for the visit.

The Supreme Court prohibited state and local governments from carving out new school districts if the effect would be to impede racial desegregation.

Representatives of food chains are telling consumer groups to expect another big rise in food prices, particularly meats in coming weeks. The Price Commission is scheduled to meet to discuss the situation.

The White House says Henry Kissinger will meet with Chinese leaders in Peking next week for “concrete consultations.”

Federal sky marshals made more arrests at airports and aboard aircraft during the first four months of this year than in all of 1971.  – 626 persons. Sky marshals were placed aboard jetliners on Jan. 1, 1971 as part of President Nixon’s order to federal agencies to take action against air piracy.  Since them, 34 persons have been arrested aboard commercial jetliners. And federal agents have confiscated 44,442 weapons such as pistols, rifles switchblade knives and tear gas.

American fighter-bombers resume attacks in North Vietnam’s heartland above the 20th parallel after a four-day suspension during the visit of Soviet President Nikolai V. Podgorny to Hanoi.

Three young members of the militant Jewish Defense League are charged with committing the fire bombing that killed a secretary and injured 13 at the office of famed impresario Sol Hurok, organizer of cultural exchanges with the Soviet Union. 

The University of Wisconsin is holding up grades, transcripts and degrees from some 600 students suspected of submitting term papers they had bought from a commercial firm.

Desegregation of schools in Detroit and 53 suburbs is ordered by a U.S. dist. Judge.

The Environmental Protection Agency announces an almost total ban on domestic use of DDT effective next Dec. 31, declaring that the pesticide’s benefits to agriculture were outweighed by its potential harm to the envirnment.

Mark Holder – a 17-year-old Black Panther convicted of killing another Panther in an East-West Coast party feud is sentenced to 15 years to life.

 France - Two speeding passenger trains collide in a debris-littered tunnel 60 miles northeast of Paris. 35 are dead.

Passing – Howard Dearing Johnson – who turned 28 flavors of ice cream and the American public’s budding love affair with the automobile, into a string of roadside institutions. He was 75.


Watergate Building Break-In –  Week of June 15, 1972

Five men, one a former employee of the CIA and three who are natives of Cuba, are arrested in an elaborate plot to bug the office of the Democratic National Committee in Washington in the Watergate building.  The men, all wearing rubber surgical gloves, were surprised at gunpoint at 2:30am by three plainclothes offers of the Metropolitan Police Department’s tactical squad. They were captured in a small office on the sixth floor of the building – of which the Democratic National Committee occupies the entire floor. Police say the men had at least two sophisticated devices capable of picking up and transmitting oral and telephone conversations. Police also found lockpicks and door jimmies and almost $2,300 in cash. The man also had a short-wave receiver, 40 rolls of unexposed film and two 35-mm cameras. One of the suspects is a locksmith by trade. Police said two ceiling panels in the office of Dorothy V. Bush, secretary of the Democratic Party, had been removed. 

The five men arrested were –

Frank Sturgis of Miami – who served in the Cuban military army intelligence in 1958.

Eugenio Martinez – licensed real estate agent.

Edward Martin (actually James McCord Jr.) – retired from the CIA two years ago and security coordinator for President Nixon’s reelection committee.  He also holds a separate contract to provide security services to the Republican National Committee.

Virgillo Gonzales – works as a locksmith.

Bernard Barker of Miami.

The arrests occurred abut 40 minutes after a security guard at the Watergate complex noticed that a door connecting a stairwell with the hotel’s basement garage had been taped so it would not lock. The guard removed it, but when he passed the door 10 minutes later, another tape had been put in its place.

Watergate related - Democratic convention manager Richard Murphy says he had asked the telephone company to “sweep” local democratic offices daily for bugs. “We hate do to something like this, but I happen to know that James McCord, one of the men caught breaking into our national headquarters was at the Fontainbleu hotel 10 days ago. This is a matter of grave concern to the Democratic part, but we have been assured of full cooperation from the Southern Bell Telephone Co.” 

The Supreme Court rules that it is unconstitutional to use a wiretap without a court order against U.S. citizens and organizations suspected of subversive activities.

More Watergate -  Links – Looks like James McCord was given a security job by Robert Odle – an ex Nixon aide. 

The Florida White House denounced the break-in as a “third-rate burglary attempt” and a blot on the nation’s political process. Joseph Califano – the Democratic Party’s general counsel says he probably would file a civil suit in federal court

A consultant to White House Special Counsel Charles Colson is listed in the address books of two of the five men arrested in the Watergate building. Federal sources close to the investigation say the address books contain the name and home telephone number of E. Howard  Hunt. Hunt worked for the CIA from 1949 to 1970. Hunt last worked for the White House on March 29 of this year – for a regular daily consultant fee. When Hunt was asked by a reporter why two of the suspects had his phone number, he said – Good God! – paused then said  - “In view that the matter is under adjudication, I have no comment” – then hung up.

Democratic National Committee Chariman Lawrence F. O’Brien, charging that the attempted break-n at his party headquarters brought the level of politics down to “gutter level” announces the filing of a million dollar suit against the Committee for the reelection of the President. John Mitchell, chairman of the Committee for the Reelection of the President said the lawsuit, “represent another example of sheer demagoguery on the part of Mr. O’Brien and cannot be regarded as anything other than a political stunt.” Also named in the suite - was McCord Associates, a security firm headed by James W. McCord and the five men arrested in the break-in at the Watergate Apartment complex. McCord was one of the five arrested.


More news - June 15, 1972

Food prices drop but substantial increases for clothing and transportation contributed to the largest rise in overall living costs in three months – as the cost of living climbed .3% last month.

Sen. Edward Kennedy says “there are no circumstances under which I would accept a nomination for any national office this year.”

Fourteen members of Congress, led by Sen. Harold E. Hughes (D-IA) ask a federal appeals court to order the television networks to sell them time to broadcast a discussion of the end-the-war proposals. 

A 27-city survey indicates that black youngsters might be inherently more susceptible to lead poisoning from paint on old city slums than white children.


Sports news – June 15, 1972

Tom Seaver becomes the National League’s first 9-game winner and to boot, hits a home run in a game against Cincinnati. Final was 3-2.

Orlando Cepeda, claiming he’s fed up with the situation in Atlanta, left the club just prior to the Braves game against the Montreal Expos. He was suspended indefinitely by Braves manager Luman Harris.


Entertainment news – June 15, 1972

Premiering at Disneyland – The Main Street Electrical Parade. 

The Code of Rating Appeals Board of the Motion Picture Assn of America sustains the “X” rating given to the cartoon film “Fritz the Cat.”


Music news – June 15, 1972

New York attorney John L. Eastman says Grand Funk Railroad is back on track, even though they’re in a legal dispute with manager Terry Knight. But Knight says the group will not perform or record until his $60 million lawsuit against it is settled in the courts. The suits were filed after the group informed Knight in March that he was “no longer to represent or act as manager or representative” of the group. One of the complaints the group had against Knight was that he always spoke for the group, keeping it in the background.

Diana Ross is appearing at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

Jerry Reed debuts a five-week summer show. Don’t miss it!

Smokey Robinson and the Miracles perform their last concert tour – as Smokey is leaving the group.

Motown is moving from Detroit to Los Angeles, so announces Amos Wilder – the newly appointed Motown v/p. “Our expansion into motion pictures as well as establishing new record labels such as MOWEST, makes it mandatory for us to make the movie at this time.’ The company will still maintain some staff and recording studios in Detroit.


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) USA – June 15, 1972

Candy Man – Sammy Davis Jr.

Song Sung Blue – Neil Diamond

Troglodyte – Jimmy Caster Bunch

I Didn’t Get To Sleep – 5th Dimension

Sylvia’s Mother – Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show

Leon On Me – Bill Withers

Nice to be With You – Gallery

Oh Girl – Ch-Lites

I’ll Take You There –Staple Singers

Outa-Space – Billy Preston

Too Late to Turn Back Now – Cornelious Brothers & Sister Rose

Morning Has Broken – Cat Stevens

Rocket Man – Elton John

Tumbling Dice – Rolling Stones


Top music albums – June 15, 1972

Joplin in Concert – Janis Joplin

Thick as a Brick – Jethro Tull

Exile on Main Street – Rolling Stones

A Lonely Man – Chi-Lites

Manassas - Stephen Stills

Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway

First Take – Roberta Flack

America – America

Harvest – Neil Young


Television news – June 15, 1972

In Minnesota - CBS newsman Bruce Morton is injured after a head-on accident in which a man in the other car was killed.

Nielsen is flooded with calls after Jack Paar made a pitch on television to save the Dick Cavett show. Paar, appearing on the Cavett show suggested viewers call the Nielsen Co. in their cities and put in a good word for Cavett. ABC has threatened to cancel the show unless Cavett’s Nielsen ratings improve by July.


Friday night television listings/programs/TV guide – June 15, 1972

CBS – O’Hara U.S. Treasury, Movie

NBC – Sanford and Son, Special-Chronolog, Johnny Carson

ABC – Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, Room 222, Odd Couple, Love American Style, Dick Cavett

PBS – Film Odyssey.


Brady Bunch – Bobby tries to prove he’s  bigger than his size.

Partridge Family -  Shirley takes a course in college and learns someone has a crush on her.

Johnny Carson – Don Rickles guest hosts.


Wednesday night television listings/programs/TV guide – June 15, 1972

CBS – Jerry Reed Show, Hawaii 5-0, Cannon

NBC – Ponderosa, NBC Action Playhouse, Leonard: To Know How To See, Johnny Carson

ABC – Mod Squad, TV movie, Marcus Welby, M.D. Dick Cavett


Jerry Reed Show (new summer series) – Arte Johnson, Lennon sisters guest on the first show.

Made for TV movie – “Two for the Money” – Robert Hooks, Stephen Brooks, Walter Brennan, Catherine Burns. 

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