Rise of Beards in Pop Culture: How Facial Hair Became a Fashion Statement

There has been a resurgence of beards in society, with popular trends of facial hair styles popping up everywhere. Men have used their beards for a long time as an extension of their personality, but it has become more than that.

Facial hair on men is a fashion statement, a way to reflect on themselves, their wardrobe, and even their lifestyle. Musicians and other celebrities across pop culture have toyed with beards at some point, usually making an impact on their fans to don the same look.

Popular styles of stood the test of time, and sometimes men keep the same style to demonstrate a look that they know works best. Depending on the beard style, men can adjust or experiment with different types and see which looks make the most impressive statement or which just suit them in their everyday routine.

How are beards making their comeback in pop culture? Let’s explore some popular facial hair styles and how they are being used as a fashion statement.

A Brief History of Facial Hair

Certain cultures, such as those in Mesopotamian times, deemed a man’s long beard growth as an indication of social standing. In Greece, many looked at facial hair as a sign of wisdom. Spartans would shave pieces of men’s beards off as punishment.

In the Middle Ages, Europeans used facial hair as a way to symbolize a knight’s honor, and if you touched another man’s beard without permission first, it was seen as offensive.  There was a law in England where if you cut off a man’s beard, you had to pay a penalty fine.

Beards Making Statements

Perhaps men today need to portray a strong independence or as a personal touch in addition to their style. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of tactics, techniques, and tips that men use to help create and maintain a particular beard type.

Fashion trends such as a hipster look, handlebar mustaches, the more pointed Van Dyke, mutton chops, and more are all getting modern twists, pairing full beards with a subtle style. Stubble and scruff are paving the way as a popular facial hair style.

Facial hair has become a way for men to wear their own “makeup” as women do, highlighting their features and accentuating areas.

Popular Beard Types Today

A full beard or styled facial hair can empower, boost confidence, and compliment your fashion sense. Some of the most popular beard and mustache styles you’ll see today include the following:

Stubble or Scruff: Men don’t have to commit to a full beard; some stubble or short hairstyles are an excellent alternative. It can still be clean and well-kept without needing much maintenance but give you a more rugged look.

Short or Trimmed: If you don’t want a lot of hair to deal with, then a short or trimmed beard style may work well. Regular maintenance is necessary for this type of beard style, so consider investing in things like a natural conditioning beard butter, oil, or balm. These types of beard products can ensure that you tame the hair and consistently achieve the look you want.

Ducktail or Van Dyke: A more pointed end to your beard may achieve the look you’re going for and provide a true statement. The style is flattering on many face shapes, and thickness and length can be adjusted and provides the look of an upscale finish.

Imperial: An imperial style provides a statement, giving a daring and bold look and drawing attention and popularity to your facial hair. The beard hair can be shorter or longer, and paired with a mustache curled upwards, this look was worn in the past by men to display wealth and sophistication.

Anchor: A shorter, pointed beard with a mustache is often called an anchor style. It creates the shape with hair that extends from the chin to the jawline and requires regular maintenance to keep its shape. It’s another great option for almost all face shapes, giving a flattering look and complimenting many fashion styles.

These are only some of the beard styles across pop culture today that men wear. Other well-known beard types you can look into for your style include the circle beard, the Balbo, chin strap, french fork, and garibaldi beards. Many of these may take you some time to master and learn how to maintain over time, but with some practice, you can achieve a truly unique and genuine look that makes a statement.

The beard can be a mirror of your personality. Sometimes men change beard styles with the seasons as a way to cope with the temperatures, and in other ways, it’s a way to express themselves in ways that a simple suit jacket or a nice pair of shoes cannot.