Online resources that will help you in your job search

In 2022, the internet continues to be the number one resource for people looking for a job. Many of them manage to find professional experience thanks to online platforms that connect companies and young graduates.

So, what are the best platforms to find a job in 2022? Stay tuned and we will show you.

1. Google job search

The standard place where you could do your research is the Google platform. All the information from websites is there. You will have the desired result according to your specialization. You just have to follow the classic keyword entry scheme. The rest is done by prioritizing the data.

If the information on the first page does not suit you, go to the next one. Anyway, you can start with Google to get to other interesting sites. All the sites presented will fit your keywords so analyze each page properly.

2. Indeed

Indeed is one of the fastest-growing job search sites and apps. You can follow interesting offers directly. It works like a multi-page notebook. First of all, the list provided is a good database hosted on the site that you could consult at any time. Secondly, you easily access other useful sites according to your profile. The only downside here is that you don’t create a profile. You do not have the opportunity to save your CV on the platform.

3. Monster

As the name suggests, Monster is monstrously ahead of other job search platforms. For job searches, the site breaks records. There is a very large number of CVs uploaded daily. You will then find it difficult to find an available job there without improving your profile. For this reason, you must do everything to weigh in the range of the best profiles for the job of your dreams. Indeed, active visitors are constantly on the lookout and update their CVs to be ready when the time is right. If you cannot perform the same exercise, you might fall behind in the competition.

4. Fiverr

Fiverr would be the top site in freelance micro job offers. Perhaps, since the freelancers who work there offer all kinds of jobs. The great thing is, access to Fiverr is free. As soon as you are registered, you can create a gig (service offer). For a copywriter, for example, the gig might contain the following offer: “I’ll write your homepage for $5”. You have the possibility of creating several gigs, this multiplies your chances of selling your goods and services.

5. Freelancer

Access to the platform is both free and paid on Freelancer, but it nevertheless costs less than $1. Once registered, you will have to develop your profile by adding a photo and a short description.

If you remain a free member, you will receive an average of 8 job offers per month. If you use the paid membership, you benefit from additional offers. All members have the opportunity to sell their small works there starting at $5. The competitions allow you to acquire expertise on the platform and thus become more credible in the eyes of project donors. The platform holds a good reputation, recruits internationally, and pays via Paypal, Skrill, and also by bank transfer.

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the top and most popular professional social network platforms. LinkedIn is a professional network that can allow you to find a job, a work-study program, or an internship quite easily. It is a platform that gives you access to offers that best match your profile. Moreover, it has more than 400 million users, which represents a real opportunity for young graduates but also unemployed people to can find work on an international scale.

On the said social network, many employers and recruitment agencies are active in the search for qualified people and talents, especially on LinkedIn Recruiter by publishing paid job advertisements.

7. Career Builder

Career Builder is also one of the best recruitment sites. If you intend to build a professional career in any sector, Career Builder is your partner. Apart from the first aptitude of a job search website, this one offers you a panel of advice and follow-ups. You do not only have at your disposal the list of local job offers. The site also allows you to access your personalized offers. Employers are directly linked to the site. They then add vacancies as they appear. It’s up to you to seize the opportunity.

8. Linkup

If you are looking for a secure website, this is your tool. Useful offers from companies not yet advertised are available on this site. It is, therefore, easier to find decent jobs with contract possibilities. With Linkup, you have what no one can attest to on the web: reliability.

On the internet, not everything is credible. You have to search several times before you find the right result. It is therefore more appropriate to rely on a tool working directly with companies.

9. UpWork

Formerly known as oDesk, Upwork is a platform that offers a lot more work for freelancers, but there is also writing, transcription, etc. One of the best parts of this site is that its registration is easy and free. Once you register and develop your profile, you are offered to respond to your first 5 jobs. You will have to submit your average rate per hour and then you are paid via PayPal. Other means of payment are offered on the platform as well.

10. Leadar

Leadar is an innovative B2B data platform that helps to reach out to the best employers. This site has over 110 million professionals from all sectors in the USA. In addition, you can easily find the email address, contact details, and social media links of all professionals to contact them directly.

Final words

You have been looking for your dream job for a long time. You have already tried all the existing means. However, you cannot say that it worked for you. You then turned to job sites. With the plethora of such websites, you get lost.

Here we have listed the best sites that will help you in your job search. Go ahead, create your profile, and start hunting.