Bored of your playlist? X tips that can be useful for searching for new songs

As the end of year is coming, music streaming platforms show users the summary of their yearly activity. You may be surprised to see you listened to your favourite playlist for 7,000 minutes, as if there was no other music in the world worth listening to. While you may enjoy listening to the same song over and over again, you may be unaware of how to find new songs in your favourite genre. Check our 5 tips that can be useful for searching for new songs.

1. Use a song finder

In the world of applications being able to help you with anything, finding new songs similar to your favourite music genre has never been easier. The process is so simple and fast that you will be surprised you have never used the solution before. All you have to do is to open the website of your favourite song finder, enter the title of your favourite song, and you will see a list of 50 suggestions of similar pieces.

As the pieces are found randomly, typing the same title two times may theoretically give you a list of 100 song titles. That also means you have to save the titles of the suggested songs you like, as they may appear on the list once only.

2. Trick music streaming platforms by playing random music

Spotify, Youtube, or any other music streaming platforms give us suggestions of music similar to our taste, after hours of analysis of our choices. That means it’s hard to go beyond your musical choices, and if you’re really bored with your playlist, it’s time to go crazy and choose a song completely opposite to your regular music taste.

Play random songs from other playlists for a few days to trick the algorithm, and start seeing suggestions of new songs. Don’t give up too quickly, as it has been proven you can’t assess the song after listening to it for the first time.

3. Listen to foreign-language songs

We tend to create our playlists by adding up songs from our native country and in our native language, as well as in English. Have you ever tried to listen to the music of countries from other continents or countries? Why should we limit ourselves to one or two languages only, instead of listening to Japanese or South African music?

Apart from universal pop music, you will surely discover bands, singers, and even genres you have never heard about. I bet you will start enjoying them sooner or later, and your playlists will be freshened. One more big advantage of exploring songs in other languages is the possibility of learning the language itself.

4. Explore the lineup of alternative music festivals

There is no better way of exploring new music genres, and learning new songs and performers, than going to a festival. As many musicians perform different styles of music as you can imagine, so does the number of inspirations you can receive. Even if you don’t go to such a festival in person, sometimes you can get the same amount of inspiration by checking their lineups.

Type the name of an artist into the search engine, look for their songs on Youtube or Spotify, and then use the recommended songs the algorithm of the platforms will create, or use the song finder. You’ll be able to explore a whole new world of music thanks to your playlist in any of these cases.

5. Talk to your friends

If you’re bored with your playlist, maybe this should be the first tip that comes to mind, since friends are usually our best sources of inspiration. Music streaming platforms allow you to share playlists, so why not talk to your friends about their music tastes and ask them to share their favourites with you?

This may be the beginning of your journey through different music genres, which will allow you to spend hours listening to your favourite songs together, or going to music concerts and festivals together.