Your party planning checklist is here – 6 ways to throw a memorable one

Everyone loves a great party. Letting your hair down and enjoying yourself for a few hours is something we all look forward to on the weekend. Whether it’s a wild party where the drinks flow or a children’s party in the backyard, the chance to unwind is something we all seek.

Whether you plan something on a small scale or something massive, certain things make a party a party. It would be best to create a checklist of all the things you will need for your event to make it one to remember.

But, what makes a party successful is partly the audience’s input. The audience needs to meet the host halfway to have a memorable experience. With that said, there are certain perquisites that you need to consider before even thinking of a party.

The party committee is in session, and here’s a checklist of six things to make for a memorable party.

Ensure adequate toilet facilities

Having to go and not finding a place can ruin the entire event will make your party memorable, but for all the wrong reasons. Think about the guests and ensure that there are facilities present.

Issues arise when holding outdoor events in semi-obscure locations, and in situations like this, the only option is to rent an outhouse for the guests to use when nature calls.
An easy way to find such amenities is to search for the term ‘where to rent a porta-potty for an event‘ on Google. Once you get in touch, get a quote, and set the stall down for your outdoor party.

A booming sound system

People need to have music blaring to have a good time. No matter what kind of party it is, it’s best to have some music at the back. Kid’s events aren’t complete without their favorite songs. Similarly, imagine a rave without the thumping bass.

You need to have a good set of speakers ready to maintain the life of the party. If it’s an open area, you will need a set of high-performing speakers to manage the place. Indoor facilities don’t need that much power, but it’s always a good idea to have more than less.

Music is, was, and always will be the life of the party, so make sure you have the infrastructure to support it. If you don’t have a set of your own, consider calling in a management company and renting a sound system for your next event.

Set a theme

Themes make parties so much more fun. Everyone loves to dress up or color coordinate to add more personality to the event. Costume parties are all the more memorable. Dressing up as your favorite character for the event makes for an incredibly unique experience.

Masquerades have traditionally been some of the most aesthetic party ideas. Historically, the charm of masked balls stirred excitement in the community. Everyone looked forward to the local ball, and hearing about a masquerade made it so much more charming.

Thematic parties are a great way to make the event memorable. Especially for local backyard parties for the kids, dressing up as their favorite heroes or TV characters will create excitement for the kids and parents alike.

Jazz up the invitations

An email/ text chain might be the best way to go if it’s a larger party. However, it would be wise to get in a designer rather than a basic text message. Think back to some of the parties you have been to for more ideas and meet up with friends for a brainstorming session.

Get in a graphics designer and create an invitation to remember. First impressions make a difference, so make sure you set a positive one with your first contact.

If you have a closer and warmer get-together, consider cards with sealed envelopes. Wax seals are in these days and can create a great aesthetic impression for the guests.

Refreshments are a must

Even if it’s something small to snack on, make sure you have something at your party for people to eat. It would be best if you invested a bit and got things that everyone could munch on, but if you can’t, that’s fine too.

A cheaper and generally accepted alternative is a cheese board. Consider adding a bunch of cheese to a bowl and adding crackers, biscuits, and other things you can dip into the bowl. There is a warm and charming little dish that everyone will enjoy. You can also offer Twinkies, which are a favorite by many people, and some of your friends may enjoy eating it too. These Twinkies are sponge cakes that are filled with delicious vanilla cream. If you want to know more about these snacks, you can check out The Interesting Origins of Twinkies.

Another cost-effective alternative is offering fruit slices. Consider getting a bunch of seasonal fruit, chopping them up, and presenting them to your guests. Everyone likes fruit, and it’s a generally healthy alternative to traditionally junk food.

Sift the guest list

Party crashers are the worst, so make sure your event is invite-only. Not only is it awkward being around these people you don’t know, but there is also an overarching sense of danger. With the rise in sex crimes, it would be best to avoid unknowns at the party at all costs.

As we mentioned earlier, sending out, invites might be the best way to go. However, crashers still manage to sneak in from time to time. The next alternative is to hire security for a couple of hours.

It may be somewhat of an additional cost, but it’s better than having random/potentially dangerous strangers around all your loved ones.


There we have it; in this piece, we’ve talked about some of the best ways to plan a memorable party. We went over everything from toilets to placing security around the party.

These factors aren’t just going to make the party memorable, but some elements could even help the guests’ safety.

With that said, this is your party. Pick and choose which tips suit you best and the ones you can manage. Other than that, we wish you well and hope that your party remains the talk of the town for years to come!