What to Know Before Going to an Outdoor Gun Range

About 40% of Americans own a gun or live in a household with someone who owns a gun. Keeping a firearm in your home is beneficial for self-defense and as a way to let off some steam at the shooting range. 

Before you can fire a gun, however, you must first take a safety course to learn how to handle it safely. Then, it’s time to visit an outdoor gun range for the first time! This is where you can practice handling your firearm and your aim. 

In the guide below, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about becoming a first-time shooter and visiting a shooting range.

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Put Safety First

In your gun safety course, you’ll learn several essential gun safety tips. Some of those tips include never pointing your gun at anything you don’t plan to shoot. You should also always unload your gun when done shooting at the range and store it in its case properly. 

You’ll need to bring your firearm to the gun range in its case as well, so all employees and visitors know you’re there to practice shooting. Don’t forget to come prepared with safety goggles and ear protectors like the Sig Sauer GS Extreme Earbuds unless the range offers them there. 

Ask About Restrictions and Rules

All gun ranges have their own set of restrictions and rules. It’s best to contact the gun range you plan to visit and ask about their specific rules and regulations. For example, you may not be allowed to bring certain firearms or ammo to the gun range. 

You might also need to bring your own safety gear if the gun range doesn’t offer them there for free. 

Inquire About Gun Rentals

Some gun ranges offer gun rentals to their guests. This is beneficial because it gives you the opportunity to test different guns. Testing guns is essential for beginner shooters as it lets you get a feel for various firearms and which ones you might want to purchase down the road. 

If the gun range doesn’t offer gun rentals, then you’ll need to bring your own or bring a friend who has their own firearm.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask For Help

As a beginner shooter, you’ll need a few helpful shooting tips here and there. If you plan to visit the gun range alone or without an experienced shooter, you can approach someone who works at the range and ask for help. Never feel as if you can’t ask.

That’s what they’re there for and will enjoy sharing their knowledge with you. 

Are You Ready for a Day at an Outdoor Gun Range?

Keep this helpful guide handy, and you’ll be ready for your first day at an outdoor gun range. Remember to put safety first and know all of the best gun safety tips before visiting the range. Know all of the range rules before you arrive, including if they offer gun rentals. 

Last, always feel free to ask for help when needed. To find more posts similar to this one, continue to visit here often!