What is the Picture Trend on Tiktok?

TikTok trends come and go quickly, like those in the fashion world. Something that appears eternally cool one point in time can be obnoxious the next, such as wearing fedoras or singing Kreepa’s “Oh No.” New trends emerge every second, while old ones die. It’s all part of the life cycle.

TikTok trends took over the For You page with viral dance challenges, lip-syncing battles, and cooking hacks. Have you tried Emily Mariko’s trending salmon rice bowl yet?

With new video trends appearing on TikTok daily, it’s difficult to track what’s hot and what’s not. As a result, we’ve decided to concentrate on one trend at a time. This time, it’s the viral picture trend.

Consider this: it’s 2008 (check out the pop culture in review for 2008!), and you’re gearing up to go out with your girlfriends. Music is playing, your eyeliner is winging, and your hair is sizzling — you’re feeling hot. Then your friend takes a picture of you with her Casio digital camera and exclaims, “profile picture!” You all gather around the image, deciding it’s hot enough for Facebook.

The following day, you post it and wait for the likes to come in — the newest, most up-to-date version of yourself has emerged. The nostalgic joy of discovering a photo that best reflects yourself has been reimagined as a TikTok trend called “the” photo, with over 663 million views. Read on to know more about this viral trend.

What is the “The Photo” Viral Trend?

TikTok users know that a new trend sweeps the platform weekly, with thousands of users partaking in their videos. Popular trends on the platform include Doe Eyes vs. Siren Eyes, the ‘Emotional Damage’ sound, and the Pen in Cup challenge, but that only scratches the surface of many viral trends.

‘The Photo’ trend is regaining popularity after first appearing in the latter half of 2021. While the name doesn’t reveal much, the challenge entails users displaying their favorite photos of themselves. Someone’s ‘The Photo’ is a single image of them that they adore, though some people end up choosing several.

Many videos of the viral trend show the user filming themselves in their “normal” state and then switching to a photo of themselves to demonstrate the difference. People frequently use an edited version of Gesaffelstein and The Weeknd’s ‘Lost in the Fire,’ which has become a popular sound on TikTok.

‘The Photo’ can range from a mirror selfie to a candid picture taken by a friend to a makeup transformation. It’s providing everyone with the ideal opportunity to share the best pictures of themselves they’ve been dying to share. And, as usual, some users are putting their spin on the trend by revealing some less flattering photos.

Although this isn’t a new trend, it has gained traction throughout January, and more people than ever are amassing millions of views for participating.

Explanation of “The” Photo TikTok Trend

What makes “the” photo “the” photo on TikTok is in the eye of the beholder. Some users post-glow-ups, while others post photos that best represent their spirit, vibe, or essence, which can be a casual couch shot or a messy, make-up-free candid. The photo and audio clip pairing, set to the tune of The Weeknd and Gesaffelstein’s “Lost in the Fire,”  conjures up an America’s Next Top Model impression that feels very right. Part of the excitement of the trend is seeing what picture people choose for themselves, which isn’t always obvious. Furthermore, users usually record themselves in real-time before displaying their images to create contrast and suspense.

The greatest part about this trend is the hype — how people praise each other in the comments — and the self-love aspect. You’ll hear people say they look good in photos. It’s not arrogant; it’s a healthy celebration, and we’re here to support it.

How Do You Make Your Own?

As previously stated, the ‘The Photo’ trend is relatively simple. You only need to take three steps.

Find or Create “The” Photo

If you can’t find a good photo of yourself, use this challenge as an excuse to take some new ones. You’ll know you’ve found “the” photo when you feel so strongly about it that you’d use it as your Facebook profile picture or on a dating app because you believe it accurately represents you.

Make An Intro

Though you don’t have to post a video of yourself if you’re shy, a popular twist on the trend is to reveal your appearance while posting the picture, so viewers have something to compare it to. This can be as uncomplicated as looking at your camera with some text indicating that your “the” photo is about to appear.

Include a Photograph

Tap “Effects” to the left of the app’s record button, then “Green Screen” to add a photo after your intro. After you’ve chosen a Green Screen format, locate “the” picture in your camera roll and load it. Move your head out of the frame before recording to reveal the shot.

If you want your photo to be found among the others, include the hashtag #thephoto. You can use the “Lost in the Fire” track by Gesaffelstein and The Weeknd or your original audio clip.

Viral Videos from the ‘Photo’ Trend

Most TikTok users used their surprisingly beautiful avatars as ‘The Photo.’

TikToker h8.k8 demonstrated one of the most unexpected photo transformations. While her current avatar is pretty simple and nerdy, her ‘The Photo’ shows her transforming into a goth goddess. Brittney, another TikTok star, looked strikingly simple and cozy in her ‘The Photo.’

However, not all users chose to ‘stitch their stunning image.’

User’ micahmalijan created the trend’s most bizarre video’. She attached a photo of herself taken by her boyfriend. However, she is seen dozing off on the bed instead of looking stunning.

Where Can You Find TikTok Trends?

With a single tap, users can access TikTok trends. TikTok users can navigate an infinite number of TikTok trends under the Discover tab. You can also see how other TikTokers interpret the video trends.

TikTok uses data-driven algorithms to determine which trends to share with different users. TikTok, like Instagram’s Explore page, helps users discover popular clips from accounts they may not be familiar with. You can also look for popular hashtags and keywords.

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