What is the “Personally” Trend on TikTok?

TikTok is among the most famous social media applications worldwide and has been making its way to the top for quite some time now. In this app, users film videos up to 3 minutes long – dance videos, singing videos, lip-syncing, comedy skits, random videos of their daily lives, and many more.

Sometimes, you can also watch and get updated about news on this app. For instance, you could see a lot of videos about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation trial uploaded on this app. Aside from that, other news networks, such as ABC News, CNN, and NBC News, upload short news clips to keep people updated about the current events worldwide. 

This app is home to thousands of sounds or music, lots and lots of filters and video effects, and excellent video editing tools, which users love. Another excellent feature of TikTok is the “duet” feature, wherein you can collaborate with other creators in one video using a split screen. You may also stitch videos of other users, reply to someone else’s comment through a video, lip-sync other people’s original sounds, and much more. 

What is a TikTok Trend?

Since TikTok has billions of users worldwide, it is easy to start a trend and let it spread all over the world. You can see many TikTok trends all over social media, sometimes in the form of dance or song challenges, sounds, effects or filters, and more.

In TikTok, even transitions can be a trend. That is how big this social media app influences the users. As soon as a video goes viral, creators hop on the trend and recreate their own version of the viral TikTok trend. 

Some viral trends on TikTok include the Dalgona coffee, easy and simple skincare routine, Zoom TikTok dance challenge, and many more. However, like other viral trends, TikTok trends also come and go fast. With hundreds of viral TikTok trends coming your way, it might not be easy to keep track of the trending videos and make your version of the viral trend.

One viral TikTok Trend touching the hearts of millions of users because of its relatability is the “Personally” trend on TikTok. Learn more about this “Personally” TikTok Trend because you might have your entry for this one. 

“Personally” TikTok Trend


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Unlike other TikTok trends such as dance challenges, cute filters, or story-time videos, the “Personally” TikTok trend is quite different – it’s sad, relatable, and touches the hearts of many. In this trend, users share their deepest insecurities by asking a question, which is usually a consumer-driven one. 

The video starts with a consumer-driven question, like “What’s your favorite mascara brand?” or “Do you prefer green or red grapes?” This question is eventually followed by the user’s intimate fear or deepest insecurity and ends with the answer to the first question. They usually start with the word “Personally” before venting out. Thus, the name “Personally” Trend on TikTok.

Trends like these are, of course, accompanied by sad music. For the “Personally” trend, a slowed version of Lord Huron’s “The Night We Met” is the sound that’s often used for this. The user who first uploaded and used this edited sound is @mickeysbigcoat on TikTok. Currently, there are over 383,000 videos under this sound.

Videos under the “Personally” TikTok Trend


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To understand more about the “Personally” TikTok Trend, here are some examples from several users from TikTok. 

Nico Contrada, which can be found on TikTok under the username @nicolo.contrada, posted on June 23, 2022, his take on the “Personally” trend. His video reads, “Do you guys prefer green or red grapes? Personally, I wish I didn’t feel like a burden to everyone around me, but green grapes are also good.” This video had over 5.5 million views and 943,000 likes on TikTok.

Another creator, an 18-year-old user who goes by the username @drebsky, posted his take on this trend on June 25, 2022. He wrote, “What’s your favorite soda? Personally, I’m only 18 and have 70-year-old parents, so I constantly worry about having to live the majority of my adult life without them. I prefer Coke over Pepsi.” His video garnered over 2.8 million views and 428,000 likes on the app.

The last example of this viral trend is from the music producer named Baba, who is under the username @babamadethis on TikTok. His take on this “Personally” trend had over 2 million views and 287,000 likes. He wrote, “How you guys like your eggs? Scrambled or sunny side up? Personally, I don’t think I’ll ever experience happiness in this life. But idk sometimes scrambled hits the spot.”


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These questions, followed by their confessions, help create a safe and comfortable environment where users can share their feelings and seek community. The first questions users ask often help remove the seriousness and lighten the atmosphere before sharing their innermost insecurities.

The questions these people ask are usually relatable or could attract other viewers. For instance, men usually ask gym or workout-related questions. Women, on the other hand, usually ask about makeup and skincare products.

Some may also ask why people prefer sharing their innermost fears and insecurities this way and under a TikTok trend. Maybe it’s because they feel like sharing it that way, less awkward and less intense. It creates a sense of comfortability and sense of community, especially for other users, who they didn’t know, also feel the same way. 

For other users, venting their insecurities using the “Personally” TikTok trend feels much easier and safer. You can feel vulnerable under this TikTok trend without thinking about other people judging you because the trend creates a safe and comfortable space for people to share what they truly feel.

These videos, such as venting out what you feel, sharing your intrusive thoughts, and being open about your fears and insecurities, going around social media isn’t a new thing. There are already a lot of videos like these of people on the internet looking for other people who could relate to what they feel and have a sense of belongingness.

Sometimes, being deep and emotional on social media, especially on TikTok, is usually a cringe for most people. So the “Personally” TikTok trend is one great way for users to share their innermost fear and insecurities without embarrassment. Seeing these kinds of videos proves that not everything you see on social media is true, and not everyone, especially famous people online, lives a perfect life. Just like you, they also have their fair share of fears and insecurities, which make them human.